The Breaking Point – by Delina Hill-Brooker

Life is funny sometimes. Sometimes we make the simplest things be so complicated and the complicated things seem so simple. There is always a good side and a bad side. The hard way and the easy way. There will always be pros and the cons to any situation. Just like a comic book, you can’t have a hero without having a villain. How do you know what is good, when you’ve never experienced what’s bad?

If you think about it, and really pay attention we know exactly what’s going on even before it happens. Life is a test and it’s all about the decisions we make. We can go off in a rage or we can let certain things pass us by.

Its funny how in an instant your life and your circumstances can change. One moment you are playing a neighborhood softball game, the next minute your leg is broke and you have to have surgery and are unable to work for three months.

Early in the morning you are doing positive things to turn your life around and better yourself as a person and one simple phone call can set you off and you instantly forget all of the progress that you’ve made.

You strive hard to put yourself through school, work, be a loving spouse and mother only to feel unappreciated, underpaid and at another crossroads in life.

Sometimes what we fail to realize it was ‘breaking point’ circumstances that put us in the position to do more. And now after all of the hard work and while we are in our TRANSITIONAL stage, our ‘breaking point’ is on the way.

So when the pressure is on you, don’t let your ‘breaking point’ break you. Take a look outside of yourself to see the full picture. Please know that at the end of the horizon there is the sun. God’s promise is symbolized in a rainbow and there is always a rainbow after the storm.


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