Are You Ready – By Delina Hill-Brooker

Are You Ready

December 15, 1999

By Delina Hill

I wrote the poem for my church

The truth is the truth and sometimes it hurts

But please listen closely to my verse

This is not your average roses are red, violets are blue

This poem was meant to save a wretch like me and you

It seems we pay more attention

To things with rhythm, verses just a word of mention

Although the pastor is doing his piece

I felt the need to say a speech

The spirit was upon me and I just couldn’t sleep

He kept giving me words to write, pushed my shoulder so I jumped to my feet

I was concerned because I had to get up early

He told me not to worry

This will last in the end

Reminded me that he put me here for a reason

And not to forget where I’ve been

And so I ask you what the Lord asked me

Are you ready for his coming University?

On judgement day who will have the last laugh

When off comes the mask

Out skeletons come from the past

I dare to ask

Are you ready for the wrath?

You choose your own path

And only what you do for Christ will last

See you may have the money and the power while you are here

But what will you have to show when Jesus Christ appears?

Brimstone and fire

Your rank here won’t make you higher

Higher than the next cat

Who never forgot

His tithes and his offerings

And thanks for all his many blessings

Gave to the poor

When he didn’t have enough to support

His own family

But God will see

A way out of no way to meet all his needs

Only what you do for him will be counted in the end

And so my friend

Theres’ room for all of us, but where do you fit in?

In the beginning is when he sent his son

In the end a new life in heaven will have begun

The race has already been won

That was when he sent his only son

So just hold on to His unchanging hand

Everything isn’t for us to understand

Like when a child asks their mom why

We may give a half answer because they’re not ready for the reply

That’s us, we are little babes in God’s eyes

So why ask why

When they pierced his side

He cried

Hung his head and died

Would you be willing to have your feet and hands

Nailed down by your fellow man?

Who didn’t understand

That your plan was for him as well as all of man

You’re rollin’ in a Lexus, Benz or Navigagtor

But that ride no matter how dependable will ride you to heavens gat to see the Savior

And in hell

There is no bail

And from what the bible tells

There’s only flesh gnawing and eternal torment in your cell

He will come on a cloud

With a trumpet sounding loud

And in the twinkling of an eye

Will take us home you and I

I want to go to heaven, but to get there

We must now beware

Because the devil doesn’t care

So it’s up to you to be prepared

So I ask, did you pray today?

Not just in church because it’s Sunday

Did you give him all the praise

For letting you see yet another day?

Are you on your way?

Are you on your way?

Here he come_______

It will be just that quick

Were you ready?


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