My Race – By Delina Hill Brooker

My Race

By Delina Hill – Age 12

Sometimes it feels like I’m all alone

No one to sit with me on my throne

I feel like a queen-But not knowing what life means

What is my purpose? Why am I here?

Am I supposed to enjoy life or live in fear?

I am a child of a discriminated race

Light brown is the color of my face

Legs skinny, body frail – my ancestors were put up for sale

Taken out of their homes with nowhere to go

They were beaten, picked cotton, wore braids and afro’s

Now I can go wherever I like – I won’t get killed if I get into a fight

Tomorrow my children will be more free than I

When I think this thought, I just sit, smile and sigh

Flip, flip, flip, flip the script ‘cuz this is bullsh*t

Another brotha got hit – Another cross got lit

And since now they can’t lynch – they find new ways to cease our exsist

STANCE-so what if he demands-But he got the upper hand

Who’s the man?-I don’t understand-you’re the one who snatched us from our homeland

AFRICAAAAAA – And every since then the dogs been after us

Still tryin’ to think of ways to capture us- This is ludacris

Don’t touch me ‘cuz if you do I just might bust

Uh-oh you betta run – Don’t you see Janie’s got a gun

And it’s only just begun – And if you ask my opinion

This whole thing stinks like old lady havin’ relations

This is my home – I ain’t never lived nowhere else

Is this how you treat your family?

Do you do unto others as you want for yourself?

I’m not a visitAR-and if I wasn’t a SUPERSTAR

Would you look down on me like I was less than you

Would you call me a nigga and teach your kids to say it too?

What makes you better than I? – Don’t you know Jesus looked like me?

Had bronze feet and hair like lambs wool is that so hard for you to see?

Must everything good point in your direction?

Is that your way of proving your perfection?

Can’t no black man win the election

Equal rights is America’s biggest deception

Columbus discovered Amercia? – The most outrageous thing to be said

How can you discover where people live? Silly rabbit use your head

And you still teach it in the schools – Got our future all confused

The education becomes misused

Hence forth you raise young fools

To turn around to be JUST LIKE YOU!


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