Size 8 by Delina Hill-Brooker

Size 8

By Delina Hill-Brooker

April 2010

I’m comfortable in my skin as long as I’m standing next to a size 10.

‘Cuz size 8 is great until I’m next to size 3

Well 3 is the size I used to be

Size 8 has hips, butt, thighs and curves that womanly feel that size 3 couldn’t do

To every body in the south, I’m thick, I look good-you know like a woman should

Feeling confident about my new found curves until I went home in the mid west

Dag girl you are getting’ big! Lay off the sweets! I remember you used to be so petite.

Well damn! Here I was feelin’ good, thinking I had it going on.

Yeah the baby gut can go, but it’s not all THAT bad. But what size am I supposed to be?

What number would make me comfy?


Seven is ½ step up & down from heaven

I mean I was comfy at an 8

As a matter of fact I thought it was great

So now I’m comfy at an 8 in the south and obese in the Midwest

I’m just trying to look my best, but why do I care what you think about my curves?

Why do you care so much about my curves?

What size are you?


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