Depression Hold – by Angenita Childs

// <![CDATA[// Nobody knows the trouble I see cause they ain’t me. See finger pointin’ and whispers dispel their concern. On the other hand I’m a rumor…something made up to be talked about without facts. But rumors hold no truth…or do they?

Nobody knows my pain…blood that pumps from my heart hurts with every gush. Pushing the pain throughout my eternity. But they say it’s in vein and my pain ain’t no worse than anybody else’s. How they know? Do they get piercing shocks through their skull with every beat? Can they feel the sting in my eyes,  for they are the gateway to my pain.

I hurt  from the lies I see. I hurt from the loud whisper I hear. I hurt from the very essence of being. Do they know that? Do they know that my heart aches at the thought of what if, what could be? Do they know my heart pangs from the fallacy of that tortured emotion we all seek?

Nobody knows my ills. The pain of breathing like air is missing. Nobody knows the fear behind my pen. My wrists burn as if I placed them on fire.

Nobody knows the pain in my feet because these shoes I’m walkin’ in are too small..every step a hard lesson, confession that I walk alone in this world…enclosed by pain and suffering. My nose bleeds from the stench of no worth, no love, just painfully inhaling toxic fumes of fake asses. Distrust fuels the aura . Not knowing or feeling a purpose…just feeling…something…pain…

Nobody knows and can’t walk in my shoes. All they can do is feed from the deception of their eyes never looking in their hearts for a deeper meaning…


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