Girl Interrupted by Delina Hill-Brooker

This weekend I had the extreme honor of witnessing something as beautiful as a newborn baby. My friend Denise Butler formed a non profit organization by the name Girl Interrupted.

There were 12 young ladies from the ages of 9-18 and 1 adult who ‘graduated’ and took a vow of purity. For those of you who have no idea what that is; these young ladies were promising God and their selves that they would practice abstinence until they are married. In doing this it is a fact that God will send them their ‘Mr. Right.’

The ceremony was a testimony in itself, but the concept of it all is unfortunately in most cases is unheard of. what better way (only way) to break the cycle of teen pregnancy, abortion, STD’s, or just the mere uncertainty of what if. what if I’m pregnant/got her pregnant, STD etc. Not to mention the depths of the heartbreak when the relationship doesn’t work, baby mama drama and even divorce. What better way to do God’s will and simply wait. We wait on our tax returns, on the clock to tell us when it’s time to leave work. Some things we have a choice to wait on, others we don’t. So what’s the big deal about waiting for this.

Why is it so common that we give a piece of ourselves so easily? We have become so numb and desensitized to sex and relationships by what we see on TV and hear on the radio. We no longer need premium channels or censored radio to become over exposed to sex everyday. It used to be taboo that people had sex before marriage. Although it did happen it was rarely spoken about. If a girl did get pregnant she was sent away out of site and out of mind to a make believe ‘retreat’ or school abroad until she had the baby and gave it up for adoption. Now it’s taboo to hold out. Now the virgins are the minorities. Now things are more open and available to easy. Now the talk is: “Practice safe sex.” Is there really such a thing as safe sex? I am married and practiced safe sex AND STILL GOT KNOCKED UP! J

I know that in today’s world it is not likely that teens and the unwed will practice celibacy. Mostly because of the world around us. Sex is everywhere. Therefore it is not necessarily expected of us/our teens to practice celibacy. But with these 13 young ladies, it is a beginning, and if we can begin to reprogram our children’s minds and as their mindset changes so will the worlds. Sitting at the program I started to day dream and invision (the way I do) J crowds and stadiums full of young girls taking and keeping that vow too. Then I started to think, ‘What about the guys?’ Why do the females have to take the first step? Is there the same type of program out there for young boys and men? They would have to have the right role models to keep them focused and on the right track. I would think it would be harder for a guy to be celibate especially with the thought that is their ‘duty’ to be a player and get as many notches on their belt as possible.

Then I thought back to my own life. A good girl for the most part, but I guess not really… I was pregnant at 15 and a single teen mom at 16. It didn’t seem like such a “big deal” to me at the time. I was ‘grown’ or dang near grown in my eyes, but looking back now…WOW! No wonder people were giving me the funny glances. No wonder everyone spoke of me as a baby having a baby. I look at my son who is almost 14 and in no way can I imagine him being a father in two years or doing the things I was doing in a year!

I don’t really remember my mother TALKING to me about sex, safe or abstinence. If she would’ve made it clear of her expectations the possible consequences, possibilites or emotional attachment at stake would I have made better choices? Who knows and it does no good for me to speculate now. I do however make it my business to TALK to my children and EXPECT them not to make the same bad decisions that I did, and more importantly explain to them why. Would I have practiced abstinence if it were been explained to me in the biblical sense? Would I have given it a second thought if it was a mandatory requirement like going to school, making good grades, graduate, clean up?

There is always a world of possibilities in the world of ‘what if.’ The world does not come to an end if you have unfortunate circumstances due to bad decisions that YOU made for yourself. You CAN rebound and still have a great life, but WHAT IF you could’ve avoided A LOT of things just by doing, or should I say NOT doing one thing? Needless to say I was remarkably inspired by Denise and her program Girl Interrupted and the ladies. The inner child in me wished that someone in my life would’ve snatched me up and taught me the lessons and instilled those values into me. I’m ok NOW, but SO much could’ve been avoid if…what if.

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