Betrayal Hurts

It amazes me.

You go about your day, thinking everything is fine. The kids are off to school. Your work day doesn’t feel like work. The husband cooks dinner. The phone rings and wham: something comes to you and you find out that someone you love has betrayed you.

It feels like you’ve been crushed, your heart mutilated by the cutting of sharp razors, your head pounding like the bass line of an old school hip hop song. You feel several emotions at one time: anger, disgust, pain. Your thoughts race, and the biggest question you have is “Why?”

Betrayal comes in various forms. It can be drastic as a cheating spouse, or as hurtful as your best friend talking about you behind your back. It could even be someone you love committing suicide or even that little white lie that you told that came back to surface… Remember how you felt when you found out that Santa wasn’t real?

Whatever happened to loyalty, betrayal’s arch enemy? In this day and age, loyalty never seems to be the way to go. Like, if you are thinking of cheating, why not talk about it before you do it? Why risk the anger and the hurt, especially if you know you want to be with someone else? Oh, but if you have a good spouse that has your back, the expectation of being faithful is too much, right? Or is it your very own selfishness because you have a good home, but it’s just not good enough. You wanna play. So why not be honest about it? You are willing to risk your “good” life anyway, and your spouse should be given the choice whether or not to stay with you.

Before you talk about your friend, behind their back, ask yourself, is it necessary? Would they do that to you? Before you did anything drastic, did you tell them how you felt? Did you explain to them what your decision was? Why did someone else need to know? Why didn’t you take it up with that person first?
Honestly, honesty is the best way to go, although it hurts sometimes. Your conscious is clear, and that burden is lifted. It’s the hardest route to take, so many need a fast way out. It’s a crash waiting to happen, and it can kill the very essence of someone’s soul. Think about that the next time you decide to be selfish and not take into account how your actions affect others. Put yourself in their shoes. Now, how would you feel?  Got a sense of it? What’s that called?



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