Soul – By Angenita Childs

This is the tale
Of a lost soul
Who found this man
Who controlled her
He made her love him
Entering her, finding
That G, whispering
I love you everytime
He hit it.
Her nights became long
Interweavings of love and she would
Spring tears whenever he touched her.
But she was misguided
Cause although those words made
Her heart skip
Made her mind flutter
What he spoke
Was polar
To his actions
Her hope
Her inner longing
Wanted him to be
What she needed
He said
He was
She said
He isn’t but could be
He broke her heart
One too many
And when he was down
Love found her
True love without
The moral is
Never lie
And say one thing
Meaning another
Your ocean will become barren
And you’ll find yourself
When you need someone
The most.
You’ll feel stupid
Taking for granted
The one who loved you
With her soul.


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