First Impressions – by Delina Hill-Brooker

They say that first impressions are a lasting impression. I can remember the first time I met my best friend O’leta. I had already heard from other people who went to our school that she could sing. I trusted the people who told me this so I was already expecting that she was as good as they said she was. She was so warm and welcoming with an infectious laugh, it was an instant sisterhood.

The first time I met my husband I was attracted to his chocolate skin, good looks and athletic body build. But he also had two gold teeth with his initials in them that threw me off. Although I was instantly attracted, a part of me was more cautious because of my previous perception of people with gold teeth. Like I said when I FIRST met my HUSBAND we have been married for seven years now-so glad I didn’t miss the blessing of a wonderful husband over gold teeth lol.

My great grandmother used to tell me. “Always look your best, you never know who you are going to meet or when you are going to meet them.”

Although I do believe we should always be mindful of our first impression that we give to other people I also think its also important that we don’t ‘Judge the book by its cover’. The girl with nappy hair and out of date clothes may have the best undiscovered talent and most stunning beautiful person when she’s ‘fixed up’.

On the flip side if you see someone who ALWAYS has on a full face of make up, a lot of accessories, and dress is always over the top what impression does that really give? Is it something they are trying to hide by seemingly being perfect all the time? Lack of confidence maybe?

All of this got me to thinking. Gods first impression of us is as a precious newborn baby with the new baby smell or possibly a simple yet complex miraculous specimen in the womb. If he can love us unconditionally with all of our faults without the glitter and glamor why can’t we be the same with others? We don’t have to TRY to impress God because we are made in his image, he already knows and accepts all of our strengths and weaknesses. Yet we strive so hard to impress a boss, opposite sex and friends. We don’t have to TRY to impress God but we should because ultimately he is the only one that matters. We try to impress others when their approval won’t get us to heaven.

Just something to think about.


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