The theory of happiness by Angenita Childs

My theory of happiness has been altered over the years. I thought that in order to be happy, things had to be perfect. By perfect, I mean I would have everything that makes people happy: a man, kids who always listened, family that wasn’t critical, and of course money, home, and car. But, what if that man isn’t for you? What if you have to sell your soul for material things? What if your kids grew up with minds that were gullible and never thought for themselves? What if your family was ok with whatever you did, good or bad? How happy would you be, really?

My trials made me who I am. If I never knew those sad times, I wouldn’t know what this new feeling I have now is. I wake with a sense of self. It feels good to wake up with the sun and smile instead of hiding under the covers. I’m always singing, and laughing, even if something isn’t exactly how I want it. I have forgiven myself, and I’m coming into my own.  I don’t have the material things, but they will come eventually. The most important thing is that my skin is becoming more comfortable. If this is what happiness is, I love it. Such a shame how many of us who play into a perception of what happiness is when all you have to do is look in the mirror, accept what you have, and know that happiness is knocking at your door. Open it wide, and let it in.


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