Out With the Old in with the New by Delina Hill-

I’ve had a few VERY interesting conversations with some old, and current friends that was really eye opening for me. Their view of me for the most part was the same, and is probably the “ESSENCE” of me. (Nice, kind hearted, positive, Christian). They also saw things in me that I didn’t, (I will always be different from the norm, just because, and THEY put me on a ‘pedestal’) – for whatever reason. I was told the beauty of it all is that I still don’t see or feel like I SHOULD be put on a pedestal. I’m human just like everyone else. The people that I look/looked up to and admire the most are/were always admiring me back. Interesting!


One of the conversations I had was with an old friend from high school yesterday. He’s very well known in our home town and has a reputation from his past. I always pride myself in saying that I’m not judgmental and I can accept anyone for who they are etc. And for the most part I would say that I still do. But in our conversation of him telling me the difference of how he used to be, (Mr. All around athlete, Playa Playa, who wanted to have as many notches in his belt as possible and when there was no more room GET A NEW BELT!) I’m jus’sayin’… He was trying to explain to me of how hard it has been for him to shake his former image of himself and although he never denied his indiscretions, they weren’t ALL that they were made up to be. On top of that he had a reputation to uphold. Now the new, grown man, who has learned from his past, is trying to move on and leave his past behind him. But we all, (including myself) still see him as his former self. I call him a charmer. Because he was and still is to me a very charming person. That’s probably what ‘helped’ him get his reputation. I hadn’t seen or spoke to him in 13 years or so and I still see that charming person. He and I never had a personal relationship like the others, but we were cool.


Which got me to thinking…We have to be careful of the images that we put out. We will always have a lasting impression of the people we encounter. What would my friends from elementary, middle and high school who don’t know me as a full person think and expect of me know? What would they think of me if they knew all of my secrets and my past? Since the new age of Face Book, Twitter and MySpace I’ve reconnected with a lot of people. People I thought would not remember me. I wasn’t an outcast, but I was no where near the most popular. I was in the middle and friends with everyone. The people I thought who didn’t think twice about me had more memories of me than I had of them. And every one remembers me being so easy going, carefree and nice. I’ll take that. That made me happy. Although I know there are a select few people who have seen the other side. But I am happy that the good out weighed the bad on my part.


One of my co authors always thought that I was a quiet goody-goody girl until we wrote the book. Now she sees that I am loud, goofy and if rubbed the wrong way, the one you don’t want to mess with. She thought that I would judge her for things in her past because she saw me as too goody-goody to relate. But it was the complete opposite.


Which brings me back to my old friend; I had to really think and confess that it was hard for even me to shake his past image. Do I normally judge others without realizing it? That’s something I may need to keep in my head especially with me trying to do outreach and work with people who are in a vulnerable state. Which leaves my question…What will people think and say about you? What do you say about me? Be sure to keep that in mind.


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