Tribute to My Grandma – Angenita Childs

I wrote this as a tribute to my grandmother for Mother’s Day in 2000. She’s been gone for two years now, and I read this at her funeral. I find myself missing her each day. Her smile. Her sassiness, yeah, My Grandma…will always be my First Lady. Love you Granny, missing you.

This goes out to the woman who showed the woman who showed me how to be a woman.

Her gentleness, her smile, her smell…

The memories I have from Grandma’s house, the undying love she has shown me.

She has survived death of the two who gave her life, and two she gave life to, she has survived racism, and hate, and she is still on top.

My Grandma

I can smell the food from outside the door, her loving arms to greet me.

She is the object of strength.

 My Grandma

Her faith in God has carried her through the rough terrain of life, but her head is still held high, she can be a bit stubborn, but who are you to say so?

That’s My Grandma

The loving woman she is, it is a joy to see her smile, even though her companion is resting, she is still carrying a burden on her heart, but you shall not see it.  This woman is power, the glue that holds the family together, and one of whom you’d better not cross, or you’re gonna hear it from…My Grandma.

She loves us all, more than we know…we love her too…she’s our Grandma, and no one in this world can take her place…So to those out there in the world, if you have a Grandma, Granny, MeMa, Big Momma, or whatever you may call her…Cherish her, love her, and give her your all, for she is precious in life, and more than you know, hold her dear to your heart, for this is where you are inside of her…

This goes out to the first lady in my family, My Grandma…


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  1. DJ Hitz on

    Hey Angel, Grandma will be very happy and proud of you. Keep up the good work. Love you

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