A Destiny


My Destiny is not thrived on

What’s between my hips and thighs


Is comprised of what’s behind my eyes

And what sits in the middle of my chest,

Not both sides.

See my Body

Ain’t shit

Without the Brain

Telling it what to do

And the Brain is telling me

That wetness ain’t success




Get me


But to the lands of



LowEsteem and

I refuse to go there

Since I’ve been

There on several trips

And stayed far too long

I wore out my


I decided

My Destiny

Is a growth of me

A growth of life



Love of Self

To go with My wicked, previously conflicted, and gifted Pen, moving like lightening

Tryin’ to catch my tongue’s


As they fall freely

On the paper

Nixing out

Nay Sayers

Killing those

Who choose

To speak Venom

Towards me


My Destiny is to

Let my Pen



To SelfDoubt

And SelfLoathing

See my Destiny

Is to bring death

To inner Mayhem

Bringing forth powerful

Mind surges

And heart orgasms

Felt unlike never before

My Destiny is to be not

A voice

But a reader’s Friend

Going from their eyes

Into their minds

To bring forth

Their own inner


My…my… Destiny is

To annihilate

SelfHate through these words

My Destiny is to write Joy

Bring a new kinda Love

To those who otherwise

Would not have any

But most of all

To that little girl

Lost in those cities of

NoWorth, LowEsteem, SelfHate

SelfDoubt, SelfLoathing, and


Guiding her to the light side…

And transforming her

Into a carbon copy of

My Destiny


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