Every Moment Is An Opportunity-by Delina Hill-Brooker

Anyone who really knows me knows I very rarely answer the phone when it’s a phone number that I don’t know. And if I do answer and they ask for Delina Brooker instead of Delina Hill that means you really know me. My own job only knows me as Delina Hill and I was already Delina Brooker when I started working there. Well Wenesday  I was at work and my phone rang. It was an Atlanta number that was not saved in my phone. But something said, ‘Stop being like that Delina and answer the phone!’ So I answered.

“Hello.” There was a lady on the other end who answered,

“Yes I’m trying to reach Delina Brooker.”

Awwww hell, I thought to myself. It must be a bill collector. Relunctanly I replied, “This is she.”

“Hi this is Danielle from the Steve Harvey Morning Show, we wanted to know if you are available Tuesday to sing in our radio star contest.”

I was trying to keep my professionalism in tact, my husband had just entered my information into their system the week before.

For the past two years I have been focused and driven on making my life long dreams my reality. And this one phone call my life can change even more. I’m a visionary, and I’ve already claimed what could come of this and how it can go.

I believe there will be an online voting process for the grand prize. So please vote. www.SteveHarvey.com. I will come with gifts for the cast (the book & CD of course). If I’m able to plug the book online YOU KNOW I WILL!!! I am just grateful to get the chance to meet someone that I look up to and admire that understands the struggle and hustle.

Every moment is an opportunity.  Seize the day!

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  1. LaToyia Herring on

    Even tho you and I have just met, I am EXTREMELY proud of you!!! Hopefully this will an opportunity that will change your life. I’m TRUELY honored and glad to call you a FRIEND!!! MAKE IT COUNT!!!!

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