My Day with Steve Harvey by Delina Hill-Brooker

In my last blog I talked about how I received a call out of the blue to be in the singing contest portion of the Steve Harvey Morning Show & the Steve Harvey Projects. Today I wanted to share my experience with you.


November 30, 2010. My husband and I took off of work to go to the radio station. He always supports me in everything that I do on top of even with a GPS system I didn’t want to risk getting lost or being late. (He’s never lost or late) 😉 We had to be at the station promptly at 7am for makeup, prepping etc. I was nervous from the time I got the call until that morning, by that morning I was pretty much cool. I sent a few reminder texts and emails on the way. As soon as we got into the station I had to sign waiver forms etc and they took my beloved BlackBerry/CrackBerry. *gasp*  Everyone was VERY nice. Not the fake nice that some people are and you can tell, but they were genuinely nice. The other contestants, my husband and I were constantly approached with, “Would you like something to drink, would you like something to eat?” I had eaten some peanut butter crackers on my way there so that I wouldn’t be famished when I got there, or while I was singing, but I didn’t want to eat until after I performed. I was already sizing up the competition as soon as I got in the door. There was a girl there who told me that she was a fill in just in case someone didn’t show up. There was a young guy who was very nervous looking and a lady who didn’t seem like much competition. The last person I couldn’t really read.


They ushered us back from the lobby into a spot to get our hair and make up done. It smelled so good because there was a kitchen with a chef cooking food. There were big screen TV’s everywhere that showed what was going on live on the set even during the commercial breaks. The lady who was doing my hair and make up’s name was Penna’e. She was very nice and made me up beautifully. She had her own glam squad team who works for her and I learned they do Shirley and Carla’s hair and make up every morning. (Pretty awesome to wake up to a glam squad huh) 😀


While Penna’e was doing my make up I heard Nephew Tommy yell, “Penna’e, Penna’e bring me some nail polish!” He was getting ready for his Eugene Skit. Penna’e rushed over to give him some nail polish and when she came back she said, “Uh oh, I don’t think I have any fingernail polish remover.” I busted out laughing, but the other stylist had some, so Tommy was ok.


During another commercial break Shirley Strawberry came out of the studio to grab something to eat and she said, “Hey girl, good morning.” She had on the CUTEST boots. I said, “Hey Shirley, can I borrow those boots?” On another commercial break Carla came out and told us, “Good luck! Sing good!” The cook came over asking if we were hungry, telling us that he would cook us whatever we wanted.


The producer of the segment was prepping us for the actual show, “Hold the mic in your left hand, walk around the pole, stand on the X next to Mr. Harvey, speak loud into the mic, have lots of energy.” She kept repeating it, making us repeat it back to make sure it was in our heads. I looked up and saw Steve Harvey standing there looking at us. “Hey Steve I waved.” “Hey.” He answered. We all laughed.


During another commercial break we all went in to do a walk through of the set. The set is very small and there are A LOT of people in the room that you can’t see on the TV show. I even saw and spoke to Chad (they guy with the really deep voice) and we did the Step while waiting on my turn to go out to sing. He was really cool and FUNNY!


As soon as I walked onto the set I walked up to Steve and just started talking…with out the mic up to my mouth. Steve said, “Ok let’s try that one more time, except this time with the mic.” Danggit Delina I thought to myself. He asked what I did for a living. I told him I have a regular job, BUT just like him I’m an author of Revealing and Healing: 3 Women’s Stories of Survival. That was REALLY what I wanted to do, plug my book. Even though Steve steps out of the camera shot he is still VERY close to you and you can see and hear everything that he is saying and doing. I started my song, At Your Best remade by Aaliyah. At first Steve didn’t know what song I was singing. I started singing to Nephew Tommy, Steve said, “Why in the hell is she singing to Tommy, don’t she know he’s STUPID.” In the shot you can see me smiling trying NOT to laugh. They all seemed to be enjoying the song especially when I got to the hook and Carla even started singing along. After I was done I walked off stage and the other contestants went on. You can’t hear the other contestants while they are performing.


I ended up being one of the finalist. Shirley and Tommy voted for the young guy Hurb, Carla voted for me. He won the $500 prize (which would’ve been some GREAT Christmas money) but my goal was bigger than the $500 prize. I left a copy of the book, CD, Lioness Vizions pens, bookmarks and business cards for them in Lioness Vizions gift bags for the crew and the producer of the show in hopes that they will call me back to talk about the book and CD.

I had a GREAT time, it was a wonderful 60 seconds of fame. I hope that it leads to even more bigger and better opportunities. Feel free to email the Steve Harvey Show (email bag) and ask, What was the name of that book, what was the name of the girl who sang that Aaliyah song? Etc. Any thing to keep my name in their ear because they do read every single last email. It was an awesome experience and even though I forgot to talk into the mic, and I never got anything to eat afterwards I had a ball. I was even happier when I got my CrackBerry back. I had sooooo many text, emails, BBM to respond to. Thanks to all who tuned in, watched it on the Steve Harvey Projects, and those who sent well wishes. I really appreciate it.




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