Farewell 2010 by Delina Hill-Brooker & Angenita Childs

It only seems appropriate for this last blog of the year to say farewell to 2010. So what can I say about 2010? The start of a new decade, the start of a new adventure for me. I’ve learned soooooooo much in 2010, as well as re-learned a few things. I have grown so much as an individual as well as a business woman. A lot of people have been brought into my circle that I had no idea who could help me get to where I’m trying to be. I’ve also had a few people taken out of my circle. It hurt at first, but the bigger picture is ‘It’s not meant for everyone around you to go with you.” So I thank God for the reminder. I thank God for the vision of where he wants me to be. I am ending 2010 with a BANG and starting 2011 with a BOOM! Everyday no matter how good or bad is a test, and the decisions that we make that we think are small can be absolutely life changing. I thank God for my family and friends, my prayer circle, and advisers. It always helps when you have people in your corner for support.  As much as I share, there’s so much that I don’t share. But know this 2011 is going to be even MORE ground breaking than 2010. As much as I know and expect, I know that God is going to out-do what I already see. I say that and know it with every fiber of my being. I don’t wait until the New Year to let go of old baggage, and start new habits. Do it today. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and pray you have a wonderful New Year. – delina


2010. The start of a decade. One of the roughest years of my life. I’ve suffered losses of all kinds. I’ve made accomplishments. I’ve hurt more than I care to mention. Cried even more. No doubt this will be known as one of the hardest years I’ve had. But I understand that transitions can be extremely hard, but need to be accepted, and worked through. Transitions include people moving in and out of your life; even those you love, and I love hard, which means when those I love exit my life, it hurts even more.

I’ve done some good things; overcame some milestones. Got up the nerve to speak to groups. I’m getting an understanding that my life is bigger than me. I’m using my pain as energy and focus. I need my life to hold meaning.

2011 is a new year, new beginnings. I’ll be 35 this year; an age of transition. I will relocate to Georgia. Leaves are turning over. I’m looking forward to a fresh start. Lord knows I need it.

I am still able to breathe, no matter how painful. For that I am thankful. God still has me here, so I must have a purpose. My business, my speaking, my overall drive and determination will grow in the years to come. Watch out world, I’m on my way to fulfill my destiny. Nothing but death can keep me from it.

Happy New Year.

-Angenita  (Laedee LuvLee)


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