Life Sure Ain’t Easy-Angenita Williams-Childs

Nobody ever said that life would be easy, but why so hard?

Some people live by the standard of “it will work itself out. I don’t have to make the decision. Things will just happen.” You know, the real hands off approach to living. The only problem with that is that one can sit around for a lifetime waiting for things to happen instead of being proactive about situations and making those hard choices in life.

Sometimes, it seems like you can please no one. You definitely can’t please everybody, so the best advice is to please yourself. Do what makes you happy, even if it may mean bad consequences later. Stop living in the what if, and move.

Divorce is a hard thing to do. You marry a person, and think that things will last forever. Of course, you know that there will be rough times, but your good times, and your love will carry your through. What happens when the rough times take over the good times? The love is still there, but the external forces such as life, bills, kids, careers, or even things like infidelity, chip away at the essence of the relationship. What happens? No communications. No nothing. No trust, open doors for an external person to become a piece of the puzzle that is your marriage. Then the total breakdown. It’s over. Done. Finished. And you are left with a broken heart and unanswered questions. Or worse, full of regret for allowing yourself to get caught up in that mess.

Welcome change. Try to move on as best you can. Listen to the Lord. He could be speaking to you from other people, and different vessels.

That’s my thing for 2011. Handle business. Please me. Work hard. Listen more. And most of all, love, appreciate, and accept me for who and what I am. Welcome 2011.


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