Lauryn Hill Is Back by Delina Hill-Brooker

My husband bought me tickets to the Lauryn Hill concert for Christmas. I was so excited. I hadn’t seen Lauryn in concert since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill came out thirteen years ago. We had been hearing various rumors that she was being extra diva in her concerts, three hours late, and her voice wasn’t what it used to be. It was disheartening to say the least, but I was still excited to go and wanted to see for myself to see if the rumors were true.

On our tickets it said that the venue opened at 8pm, the show started at 9pm and Lauryn was due to be on stage at 11pm. Well if people are going off of that then of course it would seem like she was three hours late.

The concert was sold out. We arrived at 8pm to make sure we got a good seat. There was a DJ who was ‘warming up the crowd’ for Lauryn Hill. The DJ played for three hours. It would’ve been two, but Lauryn didn’t come on stage until midnight. If I would change anything about the set up of the concert THAT would be it. I’m not much for clubbing anymore. Even if the DJ performed for an hour, there should’ve been an opening act or two. But the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves and a lot of people were on the dance floor.

Lauryn came out at midnight. She apologized for being late. The first four songs she and the band performed they re-did the music. I was enjoying the ‘newness’ of the songs and the performance, but there were a few people who walked out. After the first four songs she did some old school Fugees songs with the original music and then went back to some of her classics, “Killing me Softly”, “Doo Wop” etc.  All in all I give the performance an A. She performed for an hour and forty minutes. Her voice wasn’t tired. She didn’t make the crowd do all the work. She engaged the crowd and spoke to a few of the people who were up front. The band was wonderful.

During the middle of the set she did ask the house to turn the lights down some to make it more intimate. They turned it down so much you could hardly see the stage. When she asked them to turn it back up, they didn’t. If you aren’t a true Lauryn Hill fan who hasn’t followed her since the beginning you may get a little lost when they switched up the music. But in all honesty being a fan and an artist myself, I think the change up was refreshing and very good. This actually should’ve been the UnPlugged album instead of the one she put out previously.

I would pay my money to go see her again in a heartbeat. If she came out with a new album I would buy it. I’m glad I went to see her for myself instead of listening to what everyone else was saying. So if she comes to a town near you, if you are a true fan, go see her. You won’t be disappointed.


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  1. Tai A. Robinson on

    I have been meaning to ask you how this concert was but never did. Low & behold I FINALLY get on the computer & pull up your blog & here you are answering all my questions! Love it!

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