W.O.W. by Delina Hill-Brooker

Yesterday I had the pleasure to be involved in the launching of “W.O.W.” (Women of Worth) Atlanta chapter – a division of Harvest Girls International. It was such a wonderful event. I was able to meet with other goal oriented and women who are for uplifting other women. There were several speakers from different walks of life. Some braved the weather and ice storm from Indianapolis and drove down to Atlanta. Ms. Helen Chambers who is such a SWEET SOUL did a remarkable job in picking the women that she wanted to be a part of this event. Each woman of worth involved in the presentation had a different ‘worth’ that was presented in a skit, wealth, wholeness, wisdom, work, wellness, wonder and worship. All of the presentations were wonderful, I was especially moved by Cris Meadows – ‘Who told you to quit’, Helen Chambers – ‘Your Passion,’ and Diane Roney – ‘Your Passion.’ Each of them seemed to strike a chord with me that I could relate to in things I’m dealing with right now in my life. It felt like I had been to church after I left. I am so thankful for being asked to be apart of this organization.

There’s nothing better than women getting together and working towards a common goal. I feel that God continues to put the right people in my life. I’m looking forward to being partnering up and doing other things with these wonderful women of God in the future.

Please visit their website http://www.harvestgirls.webs.com


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