Valentine’s Day by Angenita Williams-Childs

Tomorrow, February 14th, millions of people will celebrate Valentine’s Day by going to or having a nice dinner, buying jewelry, candy, flowers. Some may top off the night with nice lingerie, chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, and a nice romantic evening. And then there are the rest of us who spend this day, and night, alone.

What I find crazy about this is that why choose one day to show someone you love them? That should be done 365 24/7. Love cannot be held down in one day. It cannot be shown in a day; it has to be on a continuous cycle of acknowledgement, reaffirmation, and rekindling. Remember, every day isn’t promised, so if you have that special someone, let them hear it daily, show it hourly, and keep it going. Don’t wait for a certain day that jewelry retailers, card companies, florists, and Victoria Secret say is the most romantic day you can show love.

So why wait? February 13th or April 6th are perfect days to show it. All the heart balloons, jewelry, and chocolates can’t compare to that feeling you have when you open your eyes, and you see that one next to you. The one you would die for. Pick that day to show your love.

For those who don’t have that special someone, there are others who we can spread love to. Whether it’s your children, or your parents, or someone else, the same thing applies.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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