Dreams – by Angenita Williams

I stood at the copy machine, pressed the printer code, and put the pages in the feeder. I punched in the quantity and pressed start. I watched the feeder snatch the paper through its chamber. The click clack of the copies being produced and spit out was rhythmic, and I started thinking, “How can I fully exert all my attention to this? Mundane tasks, having to remember things that don’t pertain to me, working for someone else, in a field that I’m really not interested in, and suffering from insomnia equals unhappiness. My destiny is more than this. This isn’t what I want. I have dreams.”

The copies finished. I gathered them with Ledisi’s “Going Through Changes” leaving my ear, and Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope Remix” entering and things became clearer to me.

My dreams are closer than I knew, or felt. They were in front of me, and I dared to see them. I dared to grasp them. I dared to defy every “No” I heard simply because I refuse to make someone else’s copies that didn’t work for or with me. The next copies I make will be my own, or something I take ownership in. No one, nowhere will take that from me…cause before you know it, before I know it, my dreams will be a reality.


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