Piece by Pieces by Delina Hill-Brooker

It’s funny how God works sometimes. You ask him for something, then it seems like you don’t get exactly what you asked for. Instead you get something different. Sometimes it seems like an upset, because it doesn’t seem like He’s answering your prayer. A lesson that I had to RE-LEARN this week was God’s timing is IMPECCABLE!!! He does answer your prayers, just in His way. The things that you received that weren’t what you expected are just a piece of the prayer. Sometimes we are not even ready to receive what we asked for. But He gives us the lessons and knowledge along the way. Sometimes He answers our prayers in pieces. It’s up to us to not fight the way he answers our prayers and to recognize it as Him being in control. When we doubt that the prayers are being answered we are actually doubting God. It’s not for us to know how the results will come, we just need to trust and believe that God will do what He said he will do.


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