Family Road Trip – I Love My Family

I just returned from a trip to my home city of Indianapolis this past weekend. Originally I was supposed to go by myself for my birthday party, but as ‘fate’ or better yet God saw it differently. One thing led to another and I ended up packing the whole family into our truck and hitting the road. My husband and I tag teamed the driving. The eight hour drive is usually nothing to either of us, but an eight hour drive after a full days work was a bit much. I’m always excited when I come home, but this trip was so much more than the normal trip to Indy.


Two of our kids are still very young (five and three), my eldest son is fifteen and was born in Indianapolis. Our two boys fell asleep shortly after eating their McDonald’s, and stayed asleep until we got there. However that little girl (the youngest) had other plans. We didn’t realize the idea of bringing the laptop, movies and earphones would be our best idea as well as our worst enemy. 😀 We left Atlanta around 9pm and didn’t arrive to our Indy destination until 6am. – She only slept an hour the whole way. She watched movies the whole time. Putting her request in for, The Princess and the Frog, Karate Kid and How to Train Your Dragon. She ate all of the Lunchables, Capri Suns and other snacks.


We only had two days to do and visit everyone, so it was very busy. The children were reintroduced to their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends. They were free to roam with no schedule, explore their new surroundings, and tell their stories. We spent countless hours bonding with my eleven nieces and nephews. We all laughed, cried, ate and felt good. We heard childhood stories of the older family members, were given advice on child rearing, while reminiscing on our own childhood with my childhood friends. I even got to spend time with some friends that I hadn’t seen since high school.


On the way back to Atlanta we stopped in Kentucky to visit more family. My husband and I shared a few heart to heart moments. We received that reassuring nudge from those we look up to most. The kids laughed and joked with each other and helped each other with different things while on the road while cracking jokes, singing, and making silly noises.


When we arrived back to Atlanta, it was 2:45 am. We were all tired. I mean WORN OUT!!!! But we were all smiling. I was reminded that as much as I love Atlanta, there’s no place like home, there’s nobody like my family and I’m happiest when my family is happy. Even in everything that I strive to do and be, my family is my number one priority. I’m so grateful that God has blessed me with a beautiful and loving family. I’m happy that I didn’t make the trip to Indy by myself. I’m thrilled that we all had a WONDERFUL time. I am in love with my family.


3 comments so far

  1. Helen on

    Makes you realize one of the most important pieces of life,

  2. Tai on

    No you didn’t say “that” little girl…lol. And she ate all the snacks & ONLY slept 1 hour on an 8 hour trip??? ROTFL!!

    Glad y’all had a safe & wonderful trip. We will be going to Chicago in July to celebrate my grandmothers 80th Bday. Your story just reminds me how blesses we are that my children are able to spend time w/her. God is good!! Truly nothing greater than La Familia!! 🙂

  3. Delina Hill-Brooker on

    @Miss Helen YES family is #1 always!

    @Tai Girl I’ll say it again THAT LITTLE GIRL!!! LOL (Can you see my face?) hahaha She’s the smallest & youngest, but believe it or not she eats more than everyone in my house!!!! Greedy little thing! Have fun on your road trip! Hope it’s as eventful as ours was 😀

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