Happy Birthday! – by Angenita Williams

Wow. What can I say. Another year older, another step in this thing called life. God works in the most mysterious ways.

One week ago I celebrated my 35th birthday. I had family and friends surrounding me. My business partner, Delina, drove from Atlanta. My cousins, Robin and Denise, drove in from Arkansas. What’s funny is that Denise and Delina share birthdays and so does Robin and I.  Odd? Not really.

My cousins and I spent Friday, the day they arrived, shopping for something to wear. I had not hung out with them like that before. We laughed, talked, and had a great time. The next day was Pamper Me Day, and Denise and I got pedicures, while my daughter and Robin went to eat. It was fun just to be with them. We had to shop for my shoes and everyone was game on helping me find the right pair, which I did.

Party night was awesome! We had a ball. But the best day was the day the left because it seemed like I didn’t want them to go, and they didn’t want to go. We talked all morning, went to IHOP, visited a little before they pulled off. I received the most beautiful cards with some very encouraging and heartfelt words from them. I did get sad for a moment because we lost touch for many, many years, and I missed some of the painful things they went through.  We reconnected after my grandmother’s death in 2008, and they returned to Indy for our family reunion last year. Every since then, we’ve kept in touch.

I learned a lot from them. They are so positive, and I fed on that positive energy. They are humble, and despite our absences, I felt as though I’d been with them forever. It’s nice to know when you are loved. And their enthusiasm for living, their energy, makes me want to push harder to achieve bigger and better things.

I thought me following my dreams was just to show my daughter what I can do, and subsequently show her what she can do. Now I see that my dreams are bigger than me. Bigger than my daughter. My dreams, and the fact that I choose to follow them, are the key for showing everyone that I love that you CAN go for what you love to do, and make it. It shows them that dreams are obtainable. And it shows that where you come from can’t stop you from living.

Happy Birthday Delina, Denise, Robin & me! Same time next year!


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