Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door by Delina Hill-Brooker

I watched the CNN documentary “Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door” that was filmed in Murfreesboro, TN and was more than disturbed in the manner so called “Christians” were treating people of another faith. What happened to “Loving your neighbor as yourself?” or the Golden Rule that I learned as a child, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

I am a Christian. I was born Christian and was raised in the United Methodist Church.  I’m not sure if I know any Muslims personally in my adult life, but there were a few Muslims in my school growing up. I noticed that they would wear their scarves on their head, they would not take pictures, but just like my friends who were raised Apostolic and always wore long dresses/skirts I didn’t think much of it then nor do I think much of it now. But watching the documentary has really opened my eyes as to how IGNORANT some people in this so called ‘best country in the world” are. I was VERY disheartened to hear the thoughts of a black man regarding the Muslims building a Mosque. The only thing I agreed with that he said is that the disagreement should not resort to violence.

The views of the non Muslims were that if the Muslims were allowed to build a Mosque they would become terrorists who practice Sharia law. (The oppression and torture of women). Which is not the way of Muslims, but it is a way of some nations where a lot of Muslims dwell. But hell, the way I see it is there are a lot of “Christians” who beat their women and don’t treat them as their equal here in America. Furthermore Sharia law is prohibited in the United States, so that would not be possible for them to practice it in the Mosque if that were the case.

The “Christians” were making remarks like,

“The mosque is a training center for terrorists.”

“I didn’t say we hate them, we just don’t need them here.”

“It wasn’t Christians or Jews that flew the planes into the twin towers.”

“They are against everything we believe in and we don’t want them around.”

“It’s ok for them to claim the religion, but it’s not ok for them to practice it.”

Do these comments sound like they are coming from Christians? Not any Christians I would want to be around.

The so called Christians went to the extreme as to cause an arson fire and vandalize their sign twice, and calling Muslims threatening them and cussing them out. While they were being interviewed there were shots being fired in the distance. Hmmmmmm, but the Muslims are the terrorists? What would Jesus do? Would they be firing shots at them if Jesus were standing right there? If you want to take it a step further they bought the land from a guy whose family owned the land for the last ninety three years in an auction. He accepted the money didn’t he? I bet he is feeding his family and setting up trust funds off of the $323,000 made from selling the fifteen acres to the Muslims. I wonder if he paid his tithes with that money or if any of his fellow “Christians” are harassing him about receiving money from Muslims.

Just like the radical terrorists Muslims made the other Muslims and the Nation of Islam look bad, the ignorant bigots in the documentary made Christians and America look bad. If America is the land of the free, then WHY are they not free to practice their religion? America is supposed to be the place that welcomes all to have a better life. If they came over here legally we should treat them as Americans. This whole documentary got under my skin so bad because it was just history repeating itself. Just like Indians, slaves, black people and women were oppressed and kept from living a life of freedom, it is happening again. Which is why I found it even harder to find there was a black man on the same ignorant band wagon as the other prejudice people in that town. As a black woman I find it hard to believe that someone who’s ancestors has gone through the struggle of segregation and not being able to vote can be so narrow minded about this. Have we forgotten that slavery was not that long ago? Slaves were not free until 1863 (148 years ago) If you look in your grandparents photo album I’m sure you will find pictures of former slaves and slave owners in your bloodline. And even after the slaves were free, they still weren’t free.

So let’s flip the script for a moment. If you are white and your ancestors owned slaves, should we blame all whites for slavery and the raping of black women and separation of families and being breed like animals? Should we blame you for slavery when you don’t believe in slavery, but your family line is better off even now because your ancestors had slaves? Are all white people from the south murders because SOME of their people hung black people? These are not fair statements. How does it feel to be put into a box? Everyone has to be judged individually!

I guess the main point I am trying to make is you can’t generalize and put everyone in the same box. All black men are not rapist and thieves, all black women are not loud and sassy, not all white women have flat butts, not all white men secretly want black women. All gay men aren’t looking at the next guys behind, and all lesbians aren’t interested turning out the next unexpecting straight girl. Need I go on?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and beliefs, but before you make comments against others PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read up on the subject. Don’t be so narrow-minded. Just because others are different from you does not give you the right to treat them unfairly. God is love. God loves us all even the people who don’t believe in him. If we are striving to be God-like we should show love in all instances. If I were not a Christian, the “Christians” that I saw in this documentary would NOT make me want to be a Christian. *Singing* “They will know we are Christians by our love, by our love. They will know we are Christians by our love.”


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  1. Venessa Bowers on

    I think its interesting how many people tend to label Muslims as evil and cruel, but if one looks back through the history of organized religions, especially Christian faiths, the connections between brutality, cruelty, and hatred are not limited to one organized religion – they are universal. It was Christians who conducted the Inquisition, burned people at the stake for not converting, tortured Jews and pagans and look at what Christians did not Native peoples in this country, in the not so distant past. I guess my point here is “judge not lest you be judged” because we are all capable of incredible cruelty and when “God is on our side” we have justifications for that brutality. Power corrupts and PEOPLE run religions, and people are corrupt because power is blinding. Its not about faith – its about money, power, and ignorance dressed up in pretty clothes – don’t forget, most of the people who participate in brutality are uneducated and seek out “cults of dominance” that will support and elevate them. Extremism lives in the hearts of all men and women – its a choice whether to act on it or not. Tolerance is learned – therefore we must model that behavior if we want to see it in others. Calling people “evil” is just too easy. It takes the burden of loving them off of us and puts it “out there” somewhere, for someone else to tackle – but we don’t tackle it – we are fearful and resort to the easier softer way – “the axis of evil” thinking.

  2. Tyheelia Townsend on

    Girl PREACH!! This was very well put. I agree totally, but i do hope there are white men that still secretly want black women lmao! Anyway umm.. People have a tendency to go with what they have seen. All they know is that muslims bombed the world trade… BUT if everyone really did their research they would see that there is speculation that the government actually did this. I will not go into this here, but i am just ready for everyone to stop judging everyone else on what someone else has said. KNOW SOMEONE FOR YOURSELF as an indiviual and stop all this.

  3. Venessa Bowers on

    I think the World Trade Center bombing is really confusing for a lot of people – some people still think Iraq had something to do with that. But for me, and just for me, PEOPLE who were misled and disillusioned bombed the buildings – it wasn’t “Muslims” who did it – it was PEOPLE. And let’s not forget that Timothy McVee who bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City was a “Christian.” People who are lost spiritually and emotionally things that are incomprehensible to others – perhaps we should learn to help those people find themselves and their path rather than perpetuate stereotypes and hatred. But, some of us perpetuate that hatred in the name of God and therefore we are no different than the people we condemn. I wonder sometimes whether God just shakes his head at our stupidity. As a Father, he must be embarrassed by the behavior of his children. But, like a Father, he allows us to suffer the natural consequences of our behavior.

  4. Audrelle Brown on

    Delina, Murfreesboro, TN is 20 minutes away from Nashville, so, I’ve been following this story from the beginning and the comments that I’ve heard so far coming from the people of Murfreesboro are pure ignorance and it’s baffling!! I am a christian, but we have a Koran in the house and my mother in law is muslim, so, I’m keeping an eye on this. @Mr. Williams, as far as Muslims hurting non muslims, I think that has to do with “Jihad” which, we are not in a holy war right now, only the EXTREMIST believe that, like I said, my mother in law is a muslim and she wouldn’t hurt anyone.

  5. Delina Hill-Brooker on

    Thank you for that Audrelle! Especially with you being so close to it in and around your home. That whole documentary REALLY pissed me off. I don’t have to believe what they believe, but I REFUSE to belittle and insult people for a simple difference of opinion and beliefs! I’m ok with them protesting because they have a right to. But the way they are going about it is all the way wrong, mean and hateful!!!

  6. Marquetta Price on

    Well heres my two piece AND a biscuit…First, thank you for posting your blog on this subject it is something near to my heart. While I’m not muslim I was born and raised Lutheran and over the years due to a horrific experience I had stepped away from the church and opted to be spirtitual for some years. It was just recently that I dug deep and have ventured back into church (thats a whole other story)….ANYWHO back to the subject at hand, I am a Christian but because of this type of ignorance it makes me ashamed that they would make the claim to be Christian. Truth be told, I have been more welcome, and treated the absolute best by those of the Muslim faith, and honestly I’d rather be around those of the Muslim faith then some of these so-called Christians. And I have friends that are active Muslims and have been friends with them for years. Matter of fact, one of the best boyfriends I had is Muslim…(again whole notha story) While I respect your views, Reginald I’m saddened that you’d say you had an issue with the Koran (Q’uran), if you’ve not gone through it front to back then its unfair to make that statement,, simply because whether you’d admit it or not there are portions of the bible that I’m sure that you don’t agree with, however, that won’t stop you from expecting respect for the bible and your beliefs…Honestly? As stated in an earlier comment there have been several crimes against others all in the name of Christianity…it amazes me how the bible is used as a convienent resource for justification of heinous acts. What it boils down to is this, there are several different religions that exist in the world, no matter how you look at, say it or believe it we All have one common goal and thats to get to heaven. Bottom line: people fear what they don’t understand, but there is a cure for that…its called pick up the bible, Koran and educate yourself with an open mind and you’ll see that there are lots of similarities (ie lent=ramadan)…so whether you call Him God, Ja, Allah, Yahweh, etc…in my mind it all means one thing: LOVE

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