Death Is A Part Of Life

The past two weeks have been crazy for our family we ‘lost’ a sister and two aunts on my husbands side of the family. It seemed like every time we returned home to unpack, we’d receive another unfortunate phone call, so we’d hit the highway again. Memories and tears were shared with other family members, new things were learned about the newly deceased. Even though the deaths were unexpected and untimely to us, they were all perfect timing for God. When death happens back to back like that it’s hard to NOT question God. But just like the song says, “All things work according to His perfect will.” We may never understand the reasoning or timing when God is ready for your loved one to be joined with Him. It probably isn’t for us to understand. We are all here temporarily. None of us know when we will be called home. Sometimes I see death as a reminder that life is short and to make sure my house is in order and that there are no unresolved issues between me and anyone else. I can already see the close bond of us left here growing closer and everyone realizing, “Wow, I just spoke to her this morning.” Or “We just saw her last week.” I guess the moral of the story is to be aware of the imprint you are leaving on this side of heaven, because it will certainly matter on the other side. Show love to your loved ones. Call that sister or brother that you may not speak to often. Write (yes write) or visit that elderly aunt, uncle or grandmother that you don’t see often. Spend as much quality time with your spouse, children and friends so that when you or they go to the other side there will be no regrets. I keep being reminded of something a pastor said in an eulogy, “This is a home going celebration, not a funeral. A funeral is for those who aren’t going to heaven.” With that I can smile and be happy in spirit.


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