Fast Changes – Angenita Williams

Life can change in the blink of an eye, literally. One second, you’re driving around thinking about your day, the next, you’re being hauled off in an ambulance with pain shooting down your legs. You could be a healthy happy teenager, then realize you’re pregnant. Or, you can have a job you love, and get fired as you walk in the door. Changes.

Things happen for a reason. I’m inclined to believe that more and more each day. Any type of hangups have to be tossed. Keep living, and loving ’cause a simple accident, can either enhance or end your life. You must know that change and blessings may come in the form of something you deem horrible. For instance, you total your car. Now you have to figure out how to get around. The fact that you can have the ability to move is a blessing. Car totaled, but you walked away. Blessing. God’s way of slowing you down before disaster.

It also shows you another thing. Life is too short to hold on to petty grievances, act silly over small situations, and trying to hold people down. In short, life is too short for bull. Take each day in stride. Smile. Live. Love. You may not have tomorrow.


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