A New Month, A New Week A New Health Regiment

I’ve been wanting to loose about ten pounds for a while now. I’ve been maintaining a size eight for the last five years. (After the birth of my second child). I usually don’t over indulge when I eat (except for on occasion). I mostly only eat chicken, fish & ground turkey. But I do have a sweet tooth and I tend to pig out on candy. It’s always been easy for me to drop…or gain for that matter five pounds without trying. I can mask the things about my body that I’m not 100% comfortable with fairly easy with the use of a good girdle or by wearing something that compliments my body, or if I know I have an event or something coming up I’ll just watch what I eat until then. But right now I’m to the point of being tired of covering up what I’m not happy with. I would rather my body be the way that I want it to be.

A friend of mine introduced my husband and I to juicing. She told us of the health benefits of it and how she used it to loose weight. Now, I am a very finicky eater and my first thought was I can juice fruit all day long but I can’t see drinking a vegetable. I remember when we were growing up and my mother use to make my younger siblings and I drink V8. CAN YOU SAY GROSS-A-RIFFIC!!! I swore that when I was grown I would never again drink that nasty vegetable blend. So since childhood I’ve had a REALLY hard time trying to see why on earth people would drink vegetables. I’ve always eaten vegetables with no problem, but I guess that one experience pretty much ruined it for me. My husband LOVES drinking V8 Splash. I never tasted it. Because I figured it would be nasty.

Our friend gave us a recipe book for juicers. We read over it, looked at the pictures and the combinations of the various fruits and veggies. I thought, “Hmmmmm I MIGHT be able to do this.” I asked her if we could come over to see the process and try some of the recipes so that I would know for sure if I would be committed or not. We tried several different combinations. Most all of them had a carrot base. It was weird drinking carrot juice. I have a few friends from the islands who drink carrot juice, but I never asked or got why. Why not just eat a carrot, were always my thoughts. Two of the juice combinations were actually quite good. One even included beet juice. My husband liked the broccoli, lemon and orange combo; I couldn’t get with that. I tasted the broccoli and then the lemon. I’ll just eat my broccoli thanks. LOL But all in all it was a good experience, and something I knew that I could do and keep at it.

Yesterday my husband and I went shopping for our juicer. We picked the Jack La Lanne juicer. My friend who introduced us to juicing had gone through several juicers and told us if it is something that we would use all of the time invest in a good one because the others will eventually break and have to be replaced. We have a family of five so juicing for the whole family IS a lot in itself. The juicer was $100 so that wasn’t too bad. We bought a lot of fresh fruits, veggies and accessories so that we could make enough juice for at least three days. (The key is to keep the juice on ice so that it is still good).

We made our juices Saturday night so that we could start first thing on Sunday morning. We are going to drink an 8oz glass of juice before each meal. Eat a light meal and exercise at least three times a week, and drink lots and lots of water.

This morning I weighed myself and I weigh 145 pounds. That is five pounds more than when I weighed myself about a month ago, so now I guess I need to loose at least 15 pounds. *sigh* (I did weigh myself in the afternoon after I had eaten breakfast). I don’t think I’ve ever weighed that much even when I was pregnant. I’m excited to see how this works. I have a few family and friends that are joining my family in this new venture. I’ll be keeping a blog and posting video updates on our You Tube page so you can see the progress.

Until next time…Happy Juicing.


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  1. Tai on

    Woo hoo! Way to go Delina! I have been working out for the last month 1/2. One day I realized that I also want my body to look the way I want it to w/out having to cover up the trouble spots. But I hadn’t thought about the juicing. I’ll definitely have to look into it. It’s so great that you guys are doing it as a family. I believe the choices i am making about my health right now will help my children in the future. We as a black community don’t really put our heart health first. I don’t want my boys to have diabetes or any of the other things that can be avoided by doing right by our bodies. I dont want them to be in their 30’s before they try to make a change. I want it to be a lifestyle. Kudos to you & yours! And God Bless your new beginning!

  2. Delina Hill-Brooker on

    Tai, I didn’t get a chance to reply the other day when you posted this but I am soooooo with you! I wish we lived closer AGAIN so you could be my work out buddy!!!! But we are here for each other in spirit! 😀 I’ll add you to the email list of my fam/friends who have joined in the health kick! Love ya lots!!!

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