Losing – Angenita Williams-Childs


Just watched a basketball game where the Two-Time champs got humiliated. The Lakers, a premier team filled with determination, poise, class, one of the most revered teams in the NBA, lost, and badly. I think I know what happened. They are losing their coach.

Instead of letting Phil Jackson leave on top, they put him to shame, well not really. He has eleven rings, coached over 1,600 games, worked with some of the best players around…Michael, Scottie, Dennis, Kobe, Shaq, Derrick, John, Steve, Ron, Toni; just to name a few. He is THE best coach, hands down. But, the team should not have fallen apart because he’s leaving. It is a loss, but they have to keep going.

There are people who lose someone they love everyday. They want to give up, and stop living. You can’t. You must continue to strive, live, keep going, fight to win.

This team was dismantled, and no matter what, this Mother’s Day game will be remembered as one of the worst played. Especially the cheap shots by Odom and Bynum. Totally classless.

It’s a shame that Phil had to go out like that. His ‘kids’ embarrassed him, but not really. He got what he needed to get, his championships.

I say that to say this, no matter what you think you’re losing, always hold your head up high and display dignity. If you can’t do that as a part of a team, then be that individual that can have class in the midst of defeat.


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