Bitten by the Acting Bug

It’s funny how sometimes you sit things down like a talent and they keep reappearing in your life, as if they are supposed to be there. I’ve always prided myself in being an all around entertainer. But my main focus has always been singing and songwriter. I did acting in high school as far as stage plays, musicals, and drama class. My favorites were monologues about deep situations and improv comedy sketches. I remember doing a few of Whoopi Goldberg’s monologues where she was a black girl who wanted long luxurious blonde hair and another one where she gave herself an abortion. I guess since I have such a naturally bubbly persona my teachers and classmates were always shocked when I did a serious scene and nailed it.  When I graduated I never really stuck with the acting so much.

When Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls came out I was so anxious to see it. I went to the movie theater with a few girlfriends. I was like a child who first saw their favorite singer singing the latest song. The story line and the acting captivated me and the creative way that a book of poems was transformed into a movie was a true masterpiece. I couldn’t wait for the movie to come out so that I could be the first in line to buy it. The acting in that movie surpassed phenomenal. I couldn’t and still can’t pick out the ‘best’ actress. I replayed the scenes in my head over and over. I immediately got home and told my husband about the movie and how it moved me. I said, ‘Baby! That movie had some of the best acting I’ve ever seen. The subject matter was really, really deep; but stuff like that makes me want to act again. All of that emotion that the actresses had in there!!! Oh My God!!! I was watching it like I can do that!”

I immediately got on line to try to find the Whoopi Goldberg monologues that I used to do to freshen up my skills…I couldn’t find it. I never forgot about it, but I just kept it in the back of my head and once again put it down.

When I saw a commercial to announce when it was coming out on DVD I set a reminder in my phone. I actually went out and bought a Blu Ray player the same day I bought the DVD. I sat in my bed and watched it once for the enjoyment then again to study the film and actresses.

All of this leads me back to now. I received a call on Friday to be an extra in a film. Even though it’s just a role as an extra, I was excited and amped. The writer of the film wrote me in four lines. The vibe on the set was great. When they started speaking their acting/filming lingo I instantly remembered all of the things that I learned in my younger years. It was like I had never left.

I’m not sure where this will lead, but I’m sure this will be the first of many opportunities to come. I’m exited and ready.

PS. I’ll keep you posted on what comes of this particular film…so stay tuned. 😀


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