It’s the end…but not really

A few people I know, along with myself, poked fun at the end of the world predictors. And although I had a nice time with the puns and questions, I feel sorry about the people who believed this man, and those who gave up millions to him.

Any Christian knows that the end is unknown. There is no formula, calculation, or prediction as to when the world ends. Why on Earth would people follow a MAN that says he knows when the world will end? I’ll tell you why – money.

This man prospered from his followers. They gave up homes, life savings, everything because they saw no tomorrow. If man doesn’t know when his last day on Earth will be, how can this one human determine when the entire world will end?

What kind of person gives up on life? A person who doesn’t treasure or honor each day. It’s sad that a medical student didn’t finish because she believed it; this same student was to start residency. It’s sad that people spent their last on fantasies, or quit their jobs because a man told them the world was ending. Just sad that people need something to believe in instead of forming their own lives and reading information on their own. The Bible tells us to beware of false prophets. Just what does one believe this man is?

Let’s get it together, live each day to the fullest, but with some common sense. Don’t splurge on a vacation, and your mortgage is due. Don’t do foolish things anticipating the end. Instead, embrace and live until your dying day. That way you can say, “I have no regrets.”


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  1. Keri wimberly-brown on

    Well received. Empty nest syndrome,can be a difficult transition,initially. I can remember when my last son left home,I cried like a newborn baby. The day that he left, I couldn’t believe all the emotions that I seemed to go through. Trying to remain strong, I did not want to breakdown in front of him but as soon as the last hugs were given and the front door had been shut, my knees buckled and I sat there in the middle of my front room floor asking God to help me. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I had been many things, but what was constant for years was being a mother with children who needed her. For me, the letting go was difficult. What brings me comfort is that I accept that I created these people who are capable of taking care of themselves, which makes me phenomenal. Besides I realized that they will always need a faithful cheerleader, sugar momma, so I cheer them on from the sidelines, even when they do not know it. Soon you will start to find new causes to support, more time for yourself, or a new grove and it will rewarding. And knowing you, you’ll be great.

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