If Only You Knew by Stephanie Rice

“So she said to the king, ‘The report was true that I heard in my own land of your accomplishments and of your wisdom., but I did not believe the reports until I came and my own eyes saw it. Not even half of the greatness of your wisdom had been told to me; you far surpass the report I had heard.’” 2 Chronicles 9:5-6


            Whether I have one thousand dollars or one dollar in my pocket, one of the things I never allow people to do is dictate my value. I caution everyone not to assess my skills, until they have seen them in action. And I tell people what you see on the surface is only one indicator of what lies beneath. And the reason I make these declarations is because I have learned not to show my entire hand because not everyone can handle all that I am, and I am still working on all that I am. And if I happen to fall in my endeavors in the beginning, I do not need someone close to me kicking me when I am down. So even the things that the world may speak of concerning me are mere speculation and rumor until I let people in to see for themselves. And almost every time the response is always the same: I had a feeling, but I didn’t know it was like this.

That’s exactly where we find the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. She had heard all of the rumors about the wisdom and riches of Solomon and came to see the marvel she had heard so much about. After a conversation and tour and spending time with Solomon, she began to realize that it wasn’t what she had heard that was impressive, but what she came to know that left and impression. And that says a lot because the Queen of Sheba was somebody. She had access to resources of the best kind. She knew who she was. She had her own court, she her own land, she had her own people, she had her own money. She was secure in her own being. She was not someone who was impressed easily. So what was it that Solomon had that made this woman of means and stature stop in her tracks???

Solomon had three important wisdom keys we could all learn from. First, Solomon had the wisdom of discretion and discernment. He was a king, not everybody could get to him. The average stranger could not just walk up and start a conversation with him. You had to be somebody who was about something to get a Queen of Sheba audience. And we know he had discretion because she said the rumors she heard did not reflect half of the truth. Solomon didn’t brag or advertise all he had. People could tell he had, but they didn’t know how much he had. Second Solomon had the wisdom to treat people right and take care of his servants. The queen noted that everybody was happy. Too often people get into a position of power and position and think that everyone is duty bound to serve them. And in that service they can treat people any kind of way. When you have happy help, you can keep your secrets safe. When you treat your people right, they will take care of you. And lastly, Solomon had the wisdom of recognizing all that he had was given to him by God. No where in the scriptures do you ever hear Solomon say he was a self made man. You never hear Solomon not giving God glory and honor for who He was and how He had blessed him. Solomon was continuously blessing God. And when he blessed God, others became believers and blessed Solomon in the process.

Now, its my favorite time in the whole piece…. How is your poker face? Do you show everything up front to impress people, or do you leave an impression on people by what they find out from you? There is a difference, and if you don’t know maybe you should seek the wisdom of the Lord to find out.

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