Bright Side of Negative – Angenita Williams Childs

I understand that things happen. Bad things. Back in the day, if yet another bad thing happened, I would lose it; really lose it. I felt like a target was on my back for trouble to come to me. All it took was for one thing to happen, and in a tailspin I would go. I just couldn’t catch a break. Life was horrible. What I realized is that while a snowball full of bad was happening, good was also happening. However, I couldn’t focus on the good because negativity was my focus. I was a negative person. For every good thing that happened, six bad things happened, and the good things were overshadowed by my focus on the negative. It was all about, “Why is this happening? What did I do to deserve this? Nothing ever goes right for me.”

That was until recently. Something clicked. I began to see bad things as blessings in disguise. I looked at the situation at hand and looked at the outcome of the bad issue. Somewhere in that horrible situation, a light shined through. For example, my car window was busted out by a client at my old job. I quit with nothing lined up. At the time, I was enrolled in college part-time. I used that time to enroll full+time. As a result, I finished my degree two years sooner than expected. So me quitting a dead-end job gave me time to focus on my college degree.
I told a friend who’s done a lot for an unappreciative person that he loved, and now won’t help him in his time of need, to not think about what he’s done the way of, “All I’ve done for this person and this is what I get when I’m really in need.” Think about it like, “I did all I did out of love and from my heart. I was a blessing to someone. That’s what matters most.”

Take that negative thought and process it in a positive light. Don’t just think it, believe it. And things will turn around. Focus on the light through darkness. Things will change, and for the better.


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