Nothing Better Than Family by Delina Hill-Brooker

This weekend I had the pleasure of having a house full of my family members. Our household which is usually five people turned into a house of fourteen. My mother along with my sister and her family (husband and six children) came down to visit. The kids had no idea of the trip, and I cleaned like a mad woman trying to prepare our house for that many people. I always super clean when we have company come in, but since it was my brother-in-law’s and nieces and nephews first time visiting, I wanted them to be as comfortable as possible. My husband jokingly stated that my sister and crew should come more often so I would deep clean more often.  🙂 *sarcastic hahaha*

We anxiously awaited their arrival at 2:30 am then when they got in we stayed up until 4:30 laughing and joking. The next morning my oldest niece made breakfast…it quickly disappeared. We made multiple runs to the grocery store. Friday night my husband bar-b-qued chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, smoked sausages and his world famous grilled potatoes and baked beans.

Saturday we to Stone Mountain Park and enjoyed the laser show. Sunday we went to Six Flags. It felt like the sun moved from wherever it was and beamed right over Six Flags. From there we enjoyed ice cream from Bruster’s which is really a meal in itself. The kids made pallets on the floor and watched movies until the crack of dawn every night. We played tricks on the first one asleep, and the last one awake.

When they left Monday afternoon in was bitter sweet. As much as we enjoyed our family being together we knew that the time would come to an end. My baby girl kept asking where everyone had gone.

I love my blood family and my extended family. I enjoy all of the time we spend together. I cherish the moments that I get to spend with my family, because since I moved out of town eleven years ago, I don’t get to see them as often as I like. I would love for my family to move to Atlanta so we can have more of these moments. Until then…I’ll look forward to getting to hang out with the family again. Who knows maybe we’ll do a family vacation somewhere else.  🙂


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  1. Helen on

    sometimes we really don’t realize the importance of family. I spent the last two weeks with family (in-laws) that I had not seen in years. We reconnected but not at a joyous occasion, however, we made it joyous between the laughter, grilling, cooking, jokes and even crying. After all those years they still treated me like family. Family time is so PRECIOUS.

  2. Lioness Vizions on

    Absolutely Ms. Helen. 😀

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