Broken Hearts, Broken Spirits by Angenita Williams

Everyone has had a broken heart at some time or other. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, the loss of a loved one, or a wayward kid, we all know and understand what heartache is. What do we know about broken spirits?

Broken spirits go beyond a broken heart, although, having a broken heart is like a precursor. First your heart is broken, and you begin to feel as if the pain will never end. Broken spirits take it a few steps further in that you become depressed, and life just isn’t what it used to be. Happiness seems so far away. Loneliness sets in and you get into a destructive cycle. Sleeping around for attention, abusing drugs or food to ease the pain. Closing yourself off from the whole world. When your spirit is broken, you wake up every day as a dead person walking. You’re alive, but your spirit is gone. Your joy is gone. Your very livelihood has vanished. Bitterness and anguish take hold of your life. You smile, but there is no joy behind it, and your eyes tell the story – you’re broken.

Spirit Breakers are people who specialize in breaking other people down for their own selfish, ungrateful, personal gain. Sometimes, it’s really hard to spot them because they wear the mask of someone who you think really loves you, but only loves you in words only. For example, if someone loves you, wouldn’t you get some attention from them? Just a little? If someone loves you, wouldn’t they lift you up instead of putting you down? Would they stay out all night, not on the clock? Would they take and take and take and never reciprocate? Wouldn’t you be the most beautiful person to them? And most of all, wouldn’t they respect your very being?

How can you recover from having a broken spirit? I don’t really know. It’s a progress that takes it one day, one moment at a time. The first key is to know that your spirit is broken. Once you can realize and recognize that, then fixing the broken should be at the forefront. But don’t wait too long…misery can be strangely comforting since it’s familiar, and it will keep pulling you back into the pain cycle, if you let it.

Lastly, writing it out – all the pain – can help you focus and understand what’s happening inside you. I encourage you to pick up a notebook and pen, or open the laptop, and pour your soul onto those pages. You just may get your spirit back on track.

P.S. –  Add some prayer cause God sure does hear them.


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