Let Him Help You – by Delina Hill-Brooker

The other day I was watching my daughter struggle to put her shoes on. She hadn’t untied them from when she had taken them off before, so of course she was having a hard time. I kept trying to reach down to help her. I don’t think any parents likes to see their children struggle doing anything. She was frustrating me because she didn’t want me to help her. So now we are both sitting there, frustrated over each other. I told her, “If you would just let me show you, it would be so much easier. Just let me help you.” Then it hit me. I wonder if that’s the way God feels about us. When he looks down on us from heaven and sees us frustrated and struggling trying to keep things together physically, emotionally and even spiritually. I bet he’s holding his hands out wanting to help us. He knows the BEST way and the outcome. EVERYTHING would be soooo easy if we would just let him help. Let Him, the grand architect of life, the know all, is all, the real mover and shaker, way maker help you. Besides, who’s way can be better than His? And there’s nothing wrong with asking for help either. He knows when you’ll need help before you do. 🙂 So the next time you are struggling with something in your life, remember JUST LET HIM HELP YOU.


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  1. Lisa D on

    I totally agree. I have no problem asking for help from God, family or friends. I have been asking God for help daily lately. I tell my daughter to stop saying she can’t do something. I tell her that she can do anything and what she needs to do is ask for help with whatever it is. I tell her there is nothing wrong with asking for help but saying she can’t do something is unacceptable. We can do all things through Christ!!!

  2. Lioness Vizions on

    I try to teach my kids that ANYTHING is possible with God’s help. Thanks for your comment. 😀

  3. crystal graves on


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