Behind the Scenes Where I Am Now – by Stephanie Rice

One of the most interesting dilemmas I have been faced with over the last few weeks is the challenge of following my own advice. At the end of April I found myself in the precarious predicament of being unemployed, yet again. How I got here is not as important as the fact that I am here. I have resolved those issues, and found comfort in knowing I am free to follow my dreams uninhibited. And as expensive as this experience is, I am discovering one of the highest costs is accepting the challenge of heeding my own words of wisdom.

In 2004 I penned my first published book Welcome to the Valley (Authorhouse, It is a guide on effectively wading through the emotional by products of being unemployed. I wrote it in the height of my two year jobless stint with the intention of passing along some kind words of wisdom and encouragement I had gleaned in the valley of unemployment. At the time I had no idea when I would be employed again, but I knew I would be. I also didn’t know that the economy was going to crap out the way it did, or that I would find myself among the millions as yet one more in the statistic pool, again.

No problem right, I have been here before and wrote a book about it, literally. So the logical thing to do in my mind was to do an all out push on the re-release of my masterpiece. Setting up readings, branding, creating a publishing company, idea and focus groups, surrounding myself with Harvard and Cornell business minds to guide me as I sell myself has been the all consuming job I have taken up. Not to pass the time, but to follow my dreams. So the natural step that should be taken next is to reacquaint myself with my product at a more intimate level. And that is where I find myself at this moment.

No, I am not at odds with what I wrote. I believe in every single word I put on a screen, edited, and approved that now resides on a soft white page in an 8×5 format. And I even believe that I can follow the words of wisdom and advice. The problem that I find myself running into from time to time is do I want to. Do I have it in me to keep pushing and climbing and trusting in the God I believe in and serve? Do I believe in the plan that I believe is set before me, the path I willingly and excitedly embarked upon 6 short weeks ago? Do I really have what it takes to throw convention to the wind and run the opposite direction? Do I really want to venture into these uncharted waters in my life? The things that make you really say hhhmmmmm????

I got the opportunity to have a real face to face with me and my mind while reading this book, not as the author but as the reader in the purist sense. Not too many people get that opportunity. I got the chance to meet me 6 years later and earlier and have a candid conversation all at the same time. Author to reader, and reader to author. I got to encourage myself, challenge myself, bless myself, and question myself and to a very small but evident extent doubt myself all at the same time and came up with one conclusion. Well, two actually. First, my book is good and I am still amazed at the power in the pages it exudes. So all who can, go buy my book. And second, but the more important conclusion, I can. I can do this. I can get through this. I can make it. And I can break out of the box of convention and change the world, one word at a time. I grew up with the saying one monkey don’t stop no show. I am learning that I don’t need a circus to be entertained.


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