Me ‘N My Girls

This past weekend, I took my daughters to some Black Expo events. We went to the free concert that featured the SOS Band, Stephanie Mills, and Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill, and Ralph Tresvant. We had a blast!

When Bobby Brown and crew stepped on stage, my daughters looked at me like I was crazy. (LOL) I was a kid and teenager all over again, singing and screaming, clapping and jumping. My babygirl said, “Mommy, is THIS how you act at concerts?” (LOL) I told her, “YEP!” She smiled and turn to watch, chuckling to herself. My eldest daughter just shook her head, and smiled. When the crew sang “Mr. Telephone Man” they were singing along just like me. My girls like a little old school.

When we got home, they came into my room, and we had girl talk until 4 AM. We always talk like that. No question or topic is forbidden, and what we talk about stays between the three of us. I give it to my girls real and raw, and let them know about the realness of life. The ups and downs, and I think that’s why we are so close, because with me, it’s no holds barred. They also grilled me about dating, which I found to be quite interesting. Their reasoning? They want me to be happy. (Ain’t they sweet? Gotta love my Punkin and Bear!)

Saturday we went to the UniverSoul Circus. It was my first time, and I keep telling them I had more fun than them. The insist I didn’t. (LOL) I was a big kid, hitting the ball they throw into the crowd, oohing and aahing at the beautiful tigers, cringing at the contortionist, dancing to “Jump on it”, singing all the songs, loudly, and clapping and stomping. We had so much fun, I had to come home and lay down because I had a headache! I ordered pizza, and we discussed old school music. I pulled up videos from my teen years, and pointed out the hair styles and some of the fashions to give them a glimpse of what growing up me was like. It also showed them that fashion and hair do nothing but recycle.

We had a great weekend. And this weekend, it’s our annual family BBQ. I have family coming from out of state. Let the fun begin!


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  1. tiana on

    I can completely concur with your experience. This was my daughter&I second time at the SoulCircus. But my boyfriend&his grandson’s first. We had a BALL!!! We went Thursday night and to the free concert. It was just too many people walking, standing, and stepping all over the place for me. Next year if I decide to go to the concert I am just going to bite the bullet and pay the 40.00 so that I can really enjoy. I was tring to groove with my chiildhood husband Bobby. Lol but the people just kept getting in the way. Glad you had a wonderful time!

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