Sister/Friend by Marquetta Price

I was talking with my sister/friend at breakfast on Sunday and stated that it’s a shame how we as women always sell each other short, but will give men so much rope that they could circle the globe three times over. We automatically upon a woman saying hello have made the snap decision of who she is and what she’s about, never once considering getting to know her first THEN decide. We mean mug and give each other the side eye. See we live in a world that has for
centuries treated women like property or breeders, where very few women have had the opportunity to be treated in high regards i.e. Cleopatra but even she had to have an Attila the Hun mentality to make it. Even more now than before we need to stand side by side. FAST
FACT: Did you know that in some Asian countries a pregnant woman may be forced to abort if it’s found that she is carrying a female fetus?

When I see movies like Brewster Place or The Color Purple, they show the automatic mindset that when women meet we automatically have distrust and judgment based off of how we look. But isn’t it amazing how towards the end when their backs were up against the wall they rallied around each other and stood as one?

I have a friend built like a coke bottle (no homo) cute as she wants to be, men are naturally drawn to her looks while women are instantly (I’ll call it like I see it) intimidated which translates into a self esteem issue within themselves. But women judge her to be a man stealer and/or gold digger
and admittedly I came to a snap assessment as well but I just saw her as a high maintenance pretty girl scared to get her hands dirty. BOY was I wrong. While I’m not overly religious, as quickly as my judgment came so did God’s voice and He said “Stop”. I paid attention. Thank you God for my obedience. She is the get with you side by side down in the trenches, will cry when you can’t sister/friend. And I told my sister/friend I was with at breakfast I had done it to her as well and she turned out to be if you go to jail we both getting bailed out type of sister/friend. See I’ve decided to re-categorize all my sister/friends as my blessings because I’m an only child and my closest relative is my sister/cousin who like a protective lioness (no
pun intended) and will claw the eyes out of anyone who seeks to cause me pain. Boy am I blessed.

I say all that to say I’m thankful that I learned that in this world where women are denigrated, debased, defiled, dishonored, and denied that I can hopefully teach another
woman not to fall into that trap of judgment.

It is our duty to teach are daughters the power of sisterhood. Because with that power comes self esteem that no one can tear down. It means that no matter our size, color or shape it’s about the Philia (sisterly/brotherly) love. A bond of support and acceptance that’s unshakeable amongst all threats. I’d love to see the beginnings of a
sister community that when one of us is down whether we know her or not we rally to support with Philia and Agape. So sister I’m gonna ask you, what are you gonna do to make a change?


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