Thugs – Angenita Williams Childs

When you mention the word thug, most people conjure images of the local hood that breeds them. You know, the typical black or Latino male, pants sagging, cigarette dragging, weed smoking, gun toting, bandanna wearing, forever swearing, prison bound person. A thug is the person that makes you lock your doors, hold your purse, and grab your kids from. A thug subconsciously makes you duck for cover when you see him. But, what about the thugs in expensive three-piece suits that sit in our nation’s capitol?

I’m sure everyone has heard in some way shape form or fashion about the thugs we have in office. The Tea Party Republicans are scarier than any gang member on any urban street in any poor project area. Their power to not give a care about the less fortunate American people makes them the tightest knit gang in the world. They want the rich to stay rich, while throwing poor, disadvantaged, disabled people in the brimstone to be set ablaze.

They don’t care about the credit rating of our country. They think that with hard work, anyone can make it in the United States, and while that’s true, sometimes people need help. For instance, they liken Pell grants to welfare. Really? So, I’m a welfare recipient because Pell grants helped me through college. Interesting concept because I wonder how many of their aids, secretaries, security guards, and drivers utilized Pell grants to go to college. I guess they did well, hiring all those welfare recipients. But the biggest recipients of welfare are companies, big business with money to change laws. Corporations get many more breaks than the law should allow, but that’s not welfare? No, it’s greed.

I’ll never understand why rich people don’t expect to pay more in taxes. It only makes sense, you make more, you pay more. Instead, the fight tooth and nail to ensure they keep all their millions, including influencing elections. (Bush, anyone?)

These people hate our Black president, they hate that he’s even there. They’ve given him such a hard time. But you know what? Black men are resilient. And through it all, our President has maintained his swag, his confidence, and his composure. This is a man who gets death threats daily. He loves his family. He loves his country, and he would love to see a truly United States of America. But the thugs in Congress want him gone, finito. And this Lioness believes that the learned generational idea of racism will cause our country to fail.

And it’s not the thugs by the liquor store that are the detriments to society, it’s the thugs brandishing Armani suits in Congress that are because while they can eat five course meals daily, and go to the best doctors, the old lady down the street from me can’t go to the doctor. She can’t afford it.


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