Life After 9/11 by Angenita Williams-Childs

Today marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11. America still feels the aftereffects of

the tragedy. However, it seems as if America still needs to get it together.

Although volunteerism spiked, and continues to remain high, unemployment is rampant. Discrimination is masked behind credit reports, drug testing, and not hiring unemployed people, which makes no sense at all. The education system is horrible. Homes are foreclosed at high rates. We have thugs in Congress that are so focused on making our black President look bad that the poor and middle classes are continuously suffering. Instead of being United, the States of America are more disjointed than ever.

I refuse to watch the specials about 9/11. I feel as though the pain of those who lost loved ones is being exploited. Let’s never forget, but let’s not make money off someone else’s pain. Let’s not make high ratings off someone’s misery. Let’s talk about the heroism, and the way we attempted to come together after the tragedy.  We as a country need to remember how united we became after the tragedy, and return to that level of dedication to our communities.

In the days after 9/11, we came together as a country and showed those terrorists that we were not going to fall. Today, we not only have to fight terrorists from other lands, we have them right in our Congress. The Tea Party Republicans need to remember, and work with our President to ensure the lives of America’s citizens can grow. They need to  stop fighting progress for the poor and middle classes, lining their pockets and those of their rich friends. They need to stop being so stubborn, and realize that America is bigger than their agenda. If they do not, America will become a memory.


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