What’s In Your Kitchen by Erica Edmonds

Most people always have at least “the basics”: eggs, cheese, milk, lunch meat, loaf of bread and maybe even one lonely apple, orange or onion.  Or maybe even less than that at times.  On the flip side, some may keep a packed fridge.  Personally, as an adult, I’ve experienced both.   I’ve experienced feasts and famine.   But, I’ve never gone without.  Even if I had to make junior omelettes with a few lonely eggs, cheese and lunch meat joined with some sliced fruit for breakfast, I’ve made it happen!  When it’s gotten real bad, I knew I could stop by my parents for a meal or two.  Most of us have a place where we can go.


Life is like this.  It’s seasonal.  In our lives, we’ve had little and we’ve had a lot.  The question is always “What will we do with what we have?”  We can take our “little” and make “a lot”. There’s always something to work with and we’re never in it alone even when it feels that way.  We can grow in spite of our circumstances.  Even in famine, we’re growing.   Maybe we’re growing in our level of empathy or humility.  But, we are growing.  Ultimately, we’re all learning that “you’re going to make it through”.  It’s all about HOW we go through life and what we choose to do with what we have… like I’ve had to do with some eggs, cheese and lunch meat to make a pretty nice meal.   Starving is never an option and you appreciate your season of feasting, that much more!


Bon Appétit!


2 comments so far

  1. Rae on

    nicely said!

  2. David on

    Yep, breakfast for dinner. Been there!

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