Delina vs Football by Delina Hill-Brooker

I’m starting to realize more and more how NOT into sports I am, and it seems that I am in the minority on that even in my circle of friends. I don’t have anything against sports personally, and I can appreciate the competition aspect of it. It’s just really dawning on my now. The sport I’m the least into is football. My husband is a former athlete. He played football and wrestled all through school and even play semi-pro football while trying to get into the pro’s.

Looking back at my own childhood, I ran track, did gymnastics, swam on occasion, but those things were just fun, nothing that I absolutely HAD to do. Although I’ve never been much of an athlete, I am very competitive, so I get it and appreciate it for that. I just don’t see how people can sit and watch 5 games per day then watch all of the same highlights over and over again. ~ Yeah I’m pretty much a brat.

When my husband and I first started dating, (after he woo’d me over) it seemed like all he DID was watch sports. Football, basketball, wrestling, golf, tennis, boxing, ESPN highlights, EPSN classic, Sports Center this, Sports Center that…the list goes on. He and his friends could call out scores from games 10-15 years ago and even remember certain plays by people I had never heard of. ‘HEY HOLD ON! HOLD ON! HOLD ON! Where do I fit in?’ I pouted, whined and bamboozled some me time back into his world of sports. He “offered” for me to watch it with him…that didn’t work out. I couldn’t be LESS interested. I started to think in a stereotypical fashion, “It’s because I’m a woman.” Well, that was quickly shot down as we went to church and some women were getting hype about the games and reciting states etc. *insert overly dramatic eye roll here* 😉 When he wasn’t watching sports, he was coaching or referring sports, women’s football, boys wrestling, middle school football…He claims that he watches less sports now then when we got together, but I can’t tell the difference and I’ve learned to stop fighting it. I don’t want to take away something he loves, so I just do my own thing while he does his.

Our oldest son DeVon played soccer, baseball and basketball. He did well in all three, but didn’t really LOVE playing sports. Band and Art are more of his thing. Whatever sport he was participating in, I was the happiest, most proud and the LOUDEST mom on the field. No, I didn’t like the overly busy schedule, or toting all of the equipment back and forth, but what I DID love is to see my son out there having fun and trying! Well I guess my enthusiasm for supporting my child was false advertisement to my husband. *giggles* He said, “See I told you sports aren’t that bad.” I replied back dryly, “I only like watching my baby play. I still don’t like sports.” Even now, when he is in the drum line, I only pay attention to the half-time show and when they play in the stands to support their team. I’m not REALLY paying attention to the game. I enjoy seeing my children enjoy themselves.

When our second son DeShawn was born before he could even walk, he could throw a football. To most peoples surprise he had perfect aim. When he was a toddler he would dribble a soccer ball with his feet. He slam dunks the basketball with his tongue hanging out like Jordan’s. Even as a small child, on game day he’d nestle up in my husbands lap and watch a whole game. At first I wondered if he was really paying attention, or just getting his quality time in with his father. Well he WAS paying attention. I remember when the Olympics were in China, it was on in the middle of the night/early morning here. He was only three at the time and woke up came in our room in the middle of the night to watch the Olympics. I was surprised to see him when we woke up, he was telling me about Michael Phelps swimming and the other things he saw. He knows the difference from the pro teams and the college teams. He can tell you which helmet belongs to which team. He eats, breathes and lives sports, especially football.

I see something different in him then my other children especially in the sports arena. It literally drives him. He just turned six and is playing football on a team for the first time this year. Not only has he shocked the coaches, and other team players and their parents, but he’s even shocked my husband, our oldest and myself. They’ve only played three games so far, but he’s already making a name for himself. Everyone comes by to see that Brooker #11.

Their first game was a scrimage they lost. Their second game they won, 33-13. DeShawn had 10 solo tackles, three touchdowns, and he ran 110 yards. Yesterday’s game they won, 38-0, he ran 160 yards, and scored 3 touchdowns. He plays like a pro, all of these years he’s been soaking in things that the coach hasn’t taught them yet. He does stand out and THAT makes me a proud mamma. 😀 I still only like to see my babies play, but I have a feeling that I’ll be watching this baby play football for a long time. This morning I asked him, “What do you think about when you first wake up?”

He answered, “Nothing.” I asked,

“What do you think about after that?”

He answered, “Football.”

NFL we’re on our way!!!


2 comments so far

  1. Rae on

    Hey Delina,

    I want my NFL tickets, putting my order in now. If I get some for Ant I will put you guys on the list too….lol

    Great Article mama


  2. Delina Hill-Brooker (@LionessDelina) on

    Please do!!! I’d show up & scream for him too. (as long as I know his number) lol Thx Rae!!!

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