Mishaps and Missteps – Angenita Williams-Childs

A lot has gone on this week, so it’s hard for me to focus on one thing to blog about. The Troy Davis execution was the mainstay for a while. Now it seems that people have forgotten.

I am not totally against the death penalty. I believe that if you take a life; yours should be taken, especially if you kill a child. However, there can be no doubt about your guilt whatsoever. Not one shred of doubt, and there was entirely too much doubt in Troy’s case, which shows me that the system will kill rather than say we were wrong. We live in America, a supposed free country, yet our leaders cannot say they are wrong, which strikes fear in me for my children and grandchildren. Innocence is a fantasy. We may never know if Troy was innocent or not, but he should have been given a retrial to find out.

Indianapolis has a mayor race going, and it’s getting ugly. On one hand Melinda Kennedy, the opponent suggests that the current mayor, Greg Ballard, allowed crime to rise. Her radio ad says that Indianapolis has a rising aggravated assault rate, and one of the most dangerous cities. Melinda Kennedy says that she will put more police on the street without a rise in taxes. I say, will that help? People are HUNGRY. Unemployment is rising. Our schools churn out criminals with their low expectations. Everyone is a paycheck from losing everything, and if you are unemployed, you can’t get a job because of discrimination against the unemployed. People are angry, and what fuels aggravated assault? Anger. Instead of adding more police, give teachers more leverage to teach. Make it a crime to discriminate based on employment status. Be PROACTIVE, not REACTIVE. You’ll spend less money that way. Elected leaders are acting with no common sense. Citizens are blind.

America is a mess…


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