I Need A Mommycation!!! by Delina Hill-Brooker

I need a vacation. Not just any ‘ole vacation but a Mommy/Wife vacation.  I need a break from my husband AND my children!!! Not like Mothers Day, when dad does everything. I need a full 24-48 hours MINIMUM just to myself, to not be responsible for anything or anybody. If I’m at the house I’ll still be asked questions by tiny humans. Or even hear the arguing of the tiny humans and feel forced to intervene. I need a Mommycation!!! Just the thought of things I could do!!! Catch up on some much needed sleep, taking up the whole bed and not sharing any covers. Eat ice cream and chocolate while watching Lifetime movies. Shop for hours on end without rushing home to cook dinner or entertain a kid. Talk on the phone for hours with my BFF without interruptions. I won’t have to share my food, wash anyone else’s clothes, no dishes, no chauffering around kids to after school activities, no whining, no tantrums, no runny noses, or butts to be wiped. OH THE JOY THAT OVERWHELMS MY HEART JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! I’m going to catch up on my reading, play music as long as I like. OMG! I don’t even have to censor what’s on the radio or TV!!! When I go on my Mommycation, I’m not going to look at the clock not even once; because time won’t matter. I’ll be on my schedule to do whatever I want, whenever I want. MOMMYCATION! MOMMYCATION! MOMMYCATION!

Now that I think about it. All of the things that drive me crazy and wear me out; are the exact same things I love most about my life. What better comedy show is there than my children?

How much fun is it to lay in bed alone without my hubby? If I sit up in the bed all day eating, then I’ll have to work even harder to get it all off of me. If I shop for hours on end I’ll be broker than broke. If I’m gone for more than I few hours, I know that I’ll just start missing my family. My baby girl who talks so much, she actually does say some pretty interesting things. Being a chauffer REALLY isn’t that bad. The boys and I have great conversations on the way to and fro. My hubby, the person who helps me keep it all together; it wouldn’t be as fun without him around. The truth of the matter is, I don’t know what I’d do with all of that time on my hands without my family. They are a part of me, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


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