Have We Met? By Lynn Maxwell

Déjà vu is French for “already seen”.  It is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation, even though the exact circumstance of the previous encounter are uncertain and were perhaps imagined. ~Wikipedia.  Although I am a double-Platinum life time membership card holder of Déjà vu (I’ve been having them every since I was a kid), it never seems to amaze me as to these experiences that I and many others have had.  But in recent years I have also been bothered with another question that piggybacks from déjà vu.  Have we been here before?  How many lives have we lived?  Are the people in your past life / lives here in your present to resolve some sort of issues that couldn’t be resolved in the others?  A while ago, I found through very detailed and almost real-like dreams, that I was a prominent mob wife that was killed execution style; this explains why all of my headaches, tension and stresses are held in the back of my head in the very spot of the bullet entry shown to me in my dreams.  But I have also noticed that those that once held prominent places in my now conscious life are no longer as affluent as others. The saying goes, “people are in your life for season”; have you ever thought of what those season were for you and any particular person?  Could it be to forgive?  Could it be to love harder?  Could it be the persistence of obtaining someone?  Could it be to heal?  Whatever the reason may be each of us do not meet by chance.  It is a divine universal privilege that we all come before each other in order to evolve as spiritual beings.  Some soul encounters may be a bit more difficult than others, as to a situation I’m finding out in my personal life – I’ll spare you the story *smile*; but nonetheless, we have something that needs to be fixed between our souls.  “Well how does Ms. Know-It-All know all this?” you may be asking.  Research and personal ties. Myself and another individual came together earlier in life, we had good times together and then it was time for us to go our separate ways, you can say we were forced apart by natural circumstances; years later we were rejoined together and it was as if we picked up where we left off, only to lose touch once more and again a couple of years later reunite.  The basis of the union has left me a bit stumped as to what we were together lives ago and what needs to be fixed in this life so we don’t have to rummage through this again in the next.  Who knows?  All we can do is continue to live life, learn and possibly get it right so that our souls can vibrate to a higher level of consciousness in efforts to help other souls do the same. 

Have we met?  I’m almost sure we have.  Good to see you again!

Gettin’ it right in this lifetime,



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