“Citizen” Cain Ain’t Able – Angenita Williams-Childs

Photo courtesy of Phelan Ebenhack/REUTERS, found on http://www.csmonitor.com

Herman Cain, Black man who is in contingency for the Republican nomination, wants us to believe that the poor are poor because they want to be. He comes from a working class family, pulled himself up, and became a millionaire. He was the CEO of Grandfather’s pizza, and brought the company back from dismal profits. Much can be said about his accomplishments. But, that’s where it ends.

Mr. Cain insulted the working class by insinuating that the poor want to be poor. He insulted all those who worked hard to build up, only to have the economy knock them off their feet. Wall Street received handouts and bailouts while middle and working class America received foreclosures and bankruptcies. How can you blame the middle and poor classes for what corporate greed produced?

Having a country where everyone is rich is not feasible. If everyone is rich, then there would be nothing to do. Everyone could afford everything, and eventually, the US would crash. Contrary to what Mr. Cain’s beliefs that the poor should blame themselves for not being rich, the poor and middle class are not jealous of the rich.  We mainstream Americans just want the rich to pay their fair share. Why should those who make the most money pay the least in taxes? Why is there such an uproar about this? Maybe because if it were fair, he would have to part with some of his own money. But, if you are rich, what a few thousand dollars more in taxes? Oh, a new Rolex, yeah.

He also says that the Democratic Party has brainwashed America into believe rising taxes on the rich is gonna solve the problem. He says that it’s fair that 97% of taxes are paid by 50% of Americans. So that means that the other 50% of Americans are paying 3% of the taxes paid. I need a calculator or something, because I don’t understand how that can be fair? It doesn’t add up. He says that the Democratic party also brainwashed Black America to keep voting for them, and that the Democrats…wait for it…wait for it…have taken class warfare to another level by suggesting adding a 5% tax on those who make a million dollars or more. Really?  And read his 9-9-9 plan…9% income taxes, 9% corporate taxes, 9% sales taxes. I wonder how he plans on implementing the sales taxes in every state because each state has different sales taxes and means to collect and allocate them.

Another thing about this man that’s scary is that in his book, he says that his father told him to “stay out of trouble” during the civil rights movement. He said he wasn’t old enough during that time, but he was in college at Morehouse in Atlanta, GA. If he didn’t chose to participate because he was afraid to, or because of what his dad said, that’s fine. But to lie and say you weren’t old enough is a sign that you would lie about anything. And, he is on a book tour during his nomination run? Really? He’s doing a book promotional tour as he runs for the Republican nomination. Doesn’t that seem a little, I don’t know, questionable?

In my opinion, he wants camera time. He doesn’t deserve Republican, Democratic, Liberal, Conservative, or my time. With Sarah Palin officially out of the race, this is who we have to contend with IF he gets the Republican nomination. He seems to keep growing in the polls with Republicans, which is scary. Hopefully next November, we can all say welcome back, President Obama.

For the record, I don’t agree with everything President Obama is doing, however, I give him the props because he is trying to work in a close to impossible environment. The Tea Party gives Mr. President hell, and he takes it in stride. But I would like to see him go HAM on them…just once.


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