Letting Go of “Love” – Angenita Williams-Childs

It’s one thing to hold on to love  because it is necessary; it’s another to hold on to love because you are afraid to let go…sometimes, you just need to let it go.

We are all human and possess the basic need to be and feel loved. Without it, we are a cold species, unfeeling. This world cannot exist without love, we all know that. After all, it was God’s love that saved us all from damnation. Mary and Joseph’s love raised Jesus. Jesus’ love gave us miracles. So the foundation to life is love. But you have to know WHAT love IS in order to ALLOW it to grow. Let me explain…

Love is not clingy. Love does not excuse slashing tires, or breaking windows. Love doesn’t disrespect. Love doesn’t hit. Love is not sex. Love is not one sided.

Love is trust. Love is kind. Love makes you smile. Love frees your soul. Makes you work with your significant other to make it work. Love is reciprocal.

Love has been romanticized through stories, movies, and television. I know because I used to believe the perceptions of love that I saw. The handsome man, the lovely woman, the beautiful kids, the roses. Love as a fantasy, but those fantasies are not real life.

While the order of things should be meet, date, marry, and then kids; that is very seldom the reality of relationships and love. Usually it goes like this: meet, date, have sex, have a kid. And somewhere, the perception of love falls into play – usually between the have sex and have a kid. But, what I want men AND women to know is that having a kid with someone doesn’t necessarily mean that person loves you. It’s sad, it’s harsh, but it’s real life. Sex has distorted love, and it makes men and women alike, believe that if the sex is good, then they are in love. While many view sex as a physical act, it is metaphysical -more than physical. And no matter how people think they can have sex and it’s just that, they are totally wrong. It makes you think that something is there, when it’s not. It makes you hold on to “love” when it’s not love.

Many say love is blind…I say sex is blinding. Love is a spiritual thing, it’s a verb, which means it requires action,  it’s in abundance in the right places…but it can make life confusing if it’s perceived wrong. Pay attention…and most of all remember that no one can love you until you love yourself.


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