The Games of Life – Angenita Williams-Childs

It’s funny how the games we played as children are subconsciously integrated inside our minds. I know it may sound farfetched, but hear me out.


We all know the game Go Fish. We’ve all played it, but look at the premise. You are dealt some cards, and you asked the other players if they had a card that matched yours. If not, they told you to go fish. What do you do in relationships? You take your cards of what you value, and see if the other person has a match. If not, what do you do? You go fish until you find that card that matches you. When you have found a match for all your cards, you win. Or from a relationship standpoint, you gain a partner.

Another game with a life premise is Chess. I would venture to say that this applies to being a parent. You have to make strategic moves in order to raise an emotionally sound child. You reach your “Checkmate” when your child becomes a successful and happy adult. Think about that journey. You had to basically position yourself across from your child and watch their moves. For each move they make, you have to counteract their move. If your child does one thing, you must think of the reaction, and the consequences of the reaction. Each mistake is an opportunity to learn something for each of you, just like chess. The more strategic you become, the better player you are, and the more games you will win. In this case, being a consistent, caring, loving, parent with established rules and regulations should make you a winner.

Remember Memory? The game where you turned all the cards over, and tried to find the matches? The key was to remember where the cards were so that if you turned a card over, you could easily find its match. How does this relate to real life? Well, we have to remember where we began in order to progress. If you can’t remember where you came from, how can you know where you are going? This game also holds true for making mistakes. You can make mistakes, but you remember how and where you made the mistake, so now you know what to do to avoid the mistake. You remembered the dog card was in the third row, center, not the fifth row end. So when you found the dog card again, you knew exactly where to go, more importantly, you knew exactly where not to go.

There are several games we played as children that hold some value in our lives. Games such as Chutes ‘N Ladders, Sorry, Yahtzee, and of course, Monopoly. Sit back and remember how you played them, and see how they hold some truth in your life. The correlations may surprise you.


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