Happy Holidays by Delina Hill-Brooker


So this is a tad bit early (by a week), but hey all of the stores are already playing Christmas music and having sales and all of the commercials are talking about the pre-Black Friday sales…so maybe I’m not so early after all. 😉

While getting my house ready for a house full of company (cleaning, planning etc.) on top of all of the Holiday things we have to do with the kids I got to thinking about what I heard Tyrese say on the radio the other day. It’s supposed to be HAPPY HOLIDAYS, not go broker than you already are because you are trying to do too much. (Well those weren’t his EXACT words, but you get my drift).

It gets disheartening to hear a few of my friends stress out about the day to day things that they have to pay for, now with the added stress of the Holiday’s they are trying to juggle it all. Robbing Peter to pay Paul; wanting to get their children the next best thing. Don’t get me wrong, we ALL want to give our children the best of the best, but what’s better a small gift given with love with all of the lights, heat, water etc. on or a bunch of gifts that you have to play with in the dark? That’s a bit dramatic I know, but I say it like that for a reason. For those of you that have in abundance, think about giving SOMETHING to someone you know or don’t know that may not have. If the Holiday’s are about giving…then we should give right?  The ‘rule’ was to never just give to those that we know. You never know how much a $50 or even a $25 gift certificate can help that single mother who works two jobs or even the family with a two parent household that money is just too tight. If you honestly don’t have it to give, don’t stress it. Being in a secure environment is way more fulfilling then a toy that will be out of season in six months.

I love entertaining company Holiday season or not. I’m blessed to have such a loving, caring & giving family, extended family that I’ve never had to PRETEND to give what I don’t have. We usually do a joint event within our extended family and each others company is always more than enough. Everyone contributes something to the meal so it’s not too much for one household to bare. Everyone pitches in the clean up and we split all the food so no one has to cook the next day. We do this even when it’s not a ‘special holiday.’ So anytime I am around my family I have a Happy Holiday. 😀

This blog isn’t meant to make you give up on the traditional Holiday, but to make you think and maybe try something different this year. Jesus is the reason for the season. God is love. Happy Birthday Jesus (in advance). Be Happy in these Holidays everyone. (That goes for all of these holidays – Thanksgiving, CHRISTmas & New Years.) Just in case you were wondering.


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  1. crystal on

    Hey sister n law you are so right ,family ,food,fun,makes the pefect holiday wish we could be there to share, Love yall

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